Three words to overcome the loss of motivation

    Three words to overcome the loss of motivation

    Words have a strong influence on us, even if we don't realize it. In fact, sometimes we try to analyze a speech word for word trying to find out why some terms were used rather than others. For example, an interesting study recently revealed that many books that have become best sellers contain adjectives in the title.

    The good news is that we can also use words in our favor, using them to motivate us when we feel frustrated or just plain exhausted under the enormous workload. As you can imagine, in those moments when we feel discouraged our inner dialogue is no longer our best friend, especially because it contributes even more to making us lose motivation. In this regard, there are three words that in these cases have an almost magical power.

    1. I want. When we feel unmotivated we usually think about all the things we don't want, all the things we want to avoid and all the problems we have to face. In short, we only focus on the negative aspects.

    There is never a need to apply extreme positivism, because it doesn't always work, but it's often healthier, funnier, and more motivating to focus on the things we really want. In this way we develop a positive attitude and we can therefore look to the future by getting rid of that negative internal dialogue that hinders and holds us back.

    So, next time you feel unmotivated, stop for a few minutes to analyze your inner dialogue. If you are focusing exclusively on all the negatives and all the things you want to avoid, then take it to the next level and focus on what you really want.

    2. I decide. Every time we make a decision we are telling our brain that we must work in that direction, we are setting ourselves a goal. When we feel unmotivated we tend to put off decisions because we don't feel strong enough to face them.

    But instead of letting this vicious circle catch us in its web, we should strive to consider a new goal, a goal that can be achieved here and now. This will give us the energy to continue. Why set yourself a goal and work to achieve it
    it is one of the best ways to find motivation.

    3. I do. When we are unmotivated we start putting off, we get lazy, we let our mind wander lazily and end up doing nothing. This apathetic state usually generates more demotivation, so the best way out of this trap is to do something. Do not say "yes, I want this or that", but rather say: "I want, now I do this or that".

    There is no need to do something important or extraordinary, just put our hand to anything we have left unfinished or that we wish to do. Simply moving physically or activating mentally is already motivating in itself.

    To conclude these reflections, nothing better than remembering a phrase of Siddhartha Gautama: “We are what we think. Our life is the product of our thoughts ".

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