Three secrets to stop gaining weight and keep the results achieved

    Three secrets to stop gaining weight and keep the results achieved

    Il 65% of people who lose weight regain the lost pounds within three years. To say it is a study conducted by the team led by Gary Foster, clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders program, at the University of Pennsylvania.

    It always takes attention

    Once you have reached your ideal weight, it is easy to regain the lost kilos. «It happens because the mind, after having struggled to keep attention during the restrictive diet, day after day start relaxing, to lower the control up to food disinhibition, ”he explains Claudia Romani, psychotherapist expert in eating disorders.

    «In the post diet, the dangerous mechanism of gratification: we see each other beautiful and slender and we are led to think that an extra plate of pasta cannot do anything about it ", continues the expert who suggests three exercises for maintain the weight achieved.

    1. Imagine yourself lean

    Think about a food you often ate before the diet, visualized while you gorged and put, around the image, a bright frame. Make it a small square that you will place in a corner of your mind.

    Now, imagine yourself slim and fit, while enjoying a healthy food and put a frame here too. Darken the first more and more and make the other clear and bright until you see only the latter. Meanwhile, mentally recall the sound ssssswisshhhh.

    Repeat the sequence 5 times: in the end, it will be difficult for you to visualize the initial image because your mind will propose the one relating to the change.

    2. You transgress often

    If you fear falling into the trap of easy temptation, make a written list of all the foods you like Moreover; emphasize three times the ones you can't do without, twice the ones you like very much and once the ones that can wait.

    Once this is done, create a turnover: twice a week indulge in a food that you have highlighted starting with those that have three lines. It is possible that at the end of the entire cycle consisting of 3, 2, 1 you won't want to start over because you will no longer live those foods as a transgression to aspire to but as an integral part of your routine.

    3. Think before you act

    If you eat as a reaction to a negative episode or a little stress that jeopardizes the work done, start working on yourself to do not be influenced by the events of life.

    The next time you happen to crave food beyond measure for appease an emotion, stand still for a couple of minutes and evaluate the importance of the matter, taking an external point of view. As you think, feel the anger or irritation move through your body until it subsides. Once this is done, take five deep breaths and pronounce the phrase: “I have respect for the work done up to now and will carry it out with determination”.

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