Three detox programs: choose the one that's right for you

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How to achieve the goal of shedding pounds and toxins? We asked three of our experts: there is the "strong" menu of the dietician to the "soft" one of the nutritionist . And then the herbal teas of the homeopath and natural medicine expert . On one point, our consultants all agree: drink a lot (at least one and a half liters of water, even in the form of infusions, per day) is essential to "cleanse" the blood and detoxify the kidneys, liver and intestines.

Dr. , specialist in Food Science in Milan

During the holidays we stocked up on fat, sugar and calories. We have burdened the digestive organs and unbalanced the intestinal bacterial flora. To purify us, I recommend to my patients there dieta strong which I follow too: 2 days of menu based exclusively (or almost) on vegetables. These foods, often snubbed at holiday meals, are very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and, last but not least, in fiber which, in addition to reducing the absorption of nutrients at risk for the figure and health, they help the intestine get back into motion. And most importantly, they provide nourishment to the “good” components of the microbiota: the fibers, thanks to their prebiotic action, allow the bacterial flora to find that important balance both for intestinal well-being, for the efficiency of the immune system, and for the proper functioning of the metabolism. In addition to vegetables, on my menu Detox are expected Whole grains (I love rye cakes) e oil seeds (of chia, hemp, flax, also sources of fiber). For those who want to continue the diet for another couple of days (or could not resist eating only vegetables), I recommend insert a white fish for lunch and dinner (such as cod or sole), boiled or steamed, or lean white meat, cooked on the grill. Last tip: no alcohol (at least for 1 week) and water at will.

The menu
Follow it for 2 days, no more. If you want, supplement it for another 2 days with 1 serving of white meat or fish, boiled or steamed, for both lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: 2 slices of rye biscuits 1 fruit

Lunch: cooked vegetables (fennel, zucchini, carrots) seasoned with 1 teaspoon of raw extra virgin olive oil 2 rye biscuits

Dinner: puree or minestrone of mixed vegetables with also potatoes and legumes seasoned with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil added raw and 1 teaspoon of oil seeds to taste (for example sesame, flax, hemp)

Dr. , nutrition biologist in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan)

To start the new year well you have to regain a regular lifestyle: breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and a light afternoon snack, no snacks and snacks. It thus helps the physique to keep insulin production more constant, does not tire the digestive system and facilitates hormonal regulation of the centers of appetite and satiety.

It's important to vary what you bring to the table, moderating the seasoning fats (favor extra virgin olive oil) and focusing on foods of easy digestion. Reduce portions of carbohydrates, without eliminating them: pasta, bread, rice must be present in at least one meal for a correct nutritional balance. Abundant with vegetables and fruit, low in calories and rich in fiber. Among the vegetables, radicchio and artichokes, in particular, help the purifying action of the liver, while celery and fennel are precious for counteracting swelling. Coming to the fruit, it is good to abound with pineapple and citrus fruits that promote digestion and improve the vitamin intake. As regards the protein, prefer fish, legumes and leaner white meats. There is no need to weigh everything: for pasta, rice, meat and fish just reduce the normal portions by one third. Finally, remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day: hydrates and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

The menu

Breakfast: low-fat yogurt with cereals, 2 mandarins, 1 cup of green tea

Snack: Grapefruit spitting

Lunch: fennel and salad, rice with artichokes

Snack: 2 slices of pineapple

Dinner: baked sea bass with lemon and herbs, grilled radicchio, 1 wholemeal sandwich

Dr. , homeopathic physician and natural medicine expert in Turin

After a period of overeating, I recommend go a day without food, providing maximum fruit and vegetable extracts (better bitter) and infusions of rosemary, sage, ginger and turmeric, combined with herbal teas with a more targeted action on specific organs. The program of detoxication it can be accompanied by body cleansing rituals.

For example of the language: it is done in the morning, as soon as you wake up, using a spoon turned upside down to scrape the lingual surface from the bottom to the tip. The spoon should be rinsed after each step and the operation repeated until the tongue is free of patina. Another operation "stolen" from the Indian tradition, to always be done in the morning to remove toxins, is keep a tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, shaking it without gargle. In the evening, however, I suggest you drink a lemon squeeze with half a teaspoon of baking soda: the citrus juice, rich in vitamin C, has an effect depurative and digestive, while bicarbonate reduces the tendency to reflux, which can increase after binges.

  • Herbal tea for the liver: dandelion 30 g, artichoke 30 g, milk thistle 20 g, mint 20 g, lemon balm 10 g, turmeric 10 g

The purifying action of dandelion and artichoke (specific on the liver) is associated with the properties of turmeric and mint that favor the production and outflow of bile. Milk thistle is one of the most powerful detoxifiers, used as a hepatoprotector by official pharmacology. Finally, lemon balm is a calming and soothing herb.

  • Herbal tea for the kidneys: pilosella 30 g, birch 30 g, horsetail 20 g, horse chestnut 10 g, bearberry 10 g

Pilosella and birch are two excellent ones detoxifying for the kidneys and promote diuresis; the same goes for horsetail and horse chestnut, which also stimulate blood circulation and therefore counteract swelling. Finally, bearberry strengthens the urinary tract and bladder.

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