Those who face adversity deserve strength

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Those who face adversity deserve strength

Last update: July 21, 2016

Life lashes its blows on several occasions and, at times, it does it with all possible strength: it almost seems to put us in the eye of a very powerful and infinite cyclone that shakes our emotional balance and puts it to the test.

At first we have the feeling that something bad is about to happen and that our sky is clouding over. Soon after we discover that our presentiment had some truth: we are faced with a wind that crushes us against the wall and fills us with anxiety. Rains; indeed, it hails.

"And you, having come out of that wind, will not be the same one who entered it"


When you find yourself in a moment of crisis like this, the blizzard forces you to make a decision: take the opportunity to face adversity until the storm swarms or fall defeated in the eternal rain. You have to fight the difficulties with your inner strength and keep moving forward.

Light enters through the cracks

It is perfectly understandable that if you find yourself in the middle of a blizzard, the only things you think about are the cold, darkness and humidity that your body feels. However, do not forget that, even in the darkest moments, the sky always hides the sunlight.

It may seem nonsense, a cliché, especially if you are in a lot of pain. But it is through the cracks that light passes, and a sore heart is full of cracks.

"Calamities are an occasion for virtue."


This is why it is said that adversity is an opportunity to hurt, but also to learn from what we do. In these moments, you also have the opportunity to know aspects of yourself that you were unaware of.

Bring out the feelings

Something very important happens to many people that can increase their pain; perhaps it is also your case: paradoxically, the moments in which you are worst are also those in which you are least able to express your feelings and let off steam. This is a problem, because bringing out your feelings also means releasing them and getting the help of others.

If a loved one is missing, leaving a great emptiness inside you, if you are left with your partner, if you are suffering from a disease that is affecting your life ... In short, whatever the obstacle that is causing you injuries , it is good that you share it with someone who is willing to listen to you and give you a hand.

“Adversity has the gift of awakening talents

That in prosperity they would have remained asleep "


If this is also difficult for you, you can direct your feelings towards another activity that allows you to externalize them: writing, painting, dancing or anything else that you like and that puts you at ease. Remember that what the mouth cannot say emerges through the body and results in a health problem.

Let go of fear

As a general rule, blizzards scare us and push us to seek protection and refuge. In real life, exactly the same thing happens: the greater the adversity that afflicts you and the abyss that opens up before you, the greater the will to find a place to save yourself.

This desire for warmth in the coldest days of your life pushes you to look fear in the face bravely: only in this way can you truly understand how much strength you have inside. Making your own the idea that you can overcome the weakness you are suffering gives you hope and reasons to live.

The time has come to fight, to break the ropes that keep you paralyzed and to jump, so as not to fall overwhelmed by fear and pain caused by emptiness. You will face adversity and you will deserve the strength, the one you didn't think you possessed, but which instead belongs to you. Remember: whoever faces adversity deserves strength, which is why that strength is yours now.

“I was privileged to feel that I had lost everything. I was lucky enough to find that it was just what I needed. Sometimes sadness has the taste of peace. "

(Sarah Good)

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