Think about what you could do if you weren't afraid

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Think about what you could do if you weren't afraid

Last update: April 02, 2016

I'm afraid of love, because they hurt me once, so now I'm afraid that if I fall in love again, it will happen again. I'm afraid of quitting a job I don't like, because I don't know if I'll be able to find another one that will allow me to pay the bills. I'm afraid to say what I think, so I keep quiet, to avoid being rejected and because I fear the reaction of others. I'm afraid of traveling, because maybe something happens to me.

Love is always a risk, change is always a risk and being ourselves is a necessity. Why are we so afraid of taking this risk? Since we have a deeply ingrained belief system, we tend to generalize what can bring happiness, without thinking that what makes one person happy does not necessarily make another happy.

"Some parents are willing to do anything for their children except allow them to be themselves."


What are you afraid of?

When we are young, we are afraid of a few things, but as time passes we begin to introduce patterns into our brains that build fears based on our experience. Some examples are: "I am afraid of leaving my partner despite being unhappy, because I do not know how to be alone", "I am afraid of changing jobs, even if the current one does not satisfy me at all".

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like in five years if you never changed anything. Isn't the future more frightening like this?

"Be the change you want to see in the world".

(Mahatma Gandhi)

The fact of limiting ourselves and not wanting to change is due to fear, which, as an emotion, can be managed and transformed.

When people put fear aside, they start doing what they want with their life, and not what others would like them to do. The first thing you should do, therefore, is identify the source of your fears, and then face them.

Fear of change

Often, in the course of life, we complain about a lot of things that annoy, anger, make unhappy, uncomfortable, etc. But have you wondered if you have ever done something to change this situation that is so uncomfortable?

What really scares you is failure. However, you must always remember that uncertainty is part of life and that you will never know exactly what will happen; you will learn through failure.

The fear of freedom         

Freedom implies a responsibility, since we do not depend on others, but on ourselves. It's time to stop waiting for our life's work to fall out of the sky, for the partner of our dreams to appear before us as if by magic. Every dream requires the courage to take responsibility for the freedom we desire. Always remember that freedom is for brave people.

The fear of taking over the reins of our life

We are afraid to take the reins of our life in hand and we admire those who do it: those who leave everything to go on a trip around the world, those who leave a job to devote themselves to their passions, etc. The question we need to ask is: Are we really the people we want to be?

Taking over the reins of our life means making decisions, decisions that will lead us on the path chosen by us, regardless of what others believe is right for us. What do we really like? What does our heart tell us? The heart must always be listened to, it cannot be wrong.

Are you brave enough to change?

Taking over the reins of life, letting go of fears, taking the risk of being free, being responsible for yourself… All these are acts of courage. Each of us is capable of surpassing himself and living the life he desires; to do this, you will need a great deal of courage.

Once you have overcome fear at a certain stage in your life, your ability to take risks will increase, as you will be aware that you are learning all the time and that failure is part of existence. Each time you exercise your freedom, you will be closer to achieving yours dreams.

“Your time is limited. Don't waste it living someone else's life ”.

(Steve Jobs)

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