They call them Beauty Drinks: what are they?

They call them Beauty Drinks: what are they?

Beauty Drinks at your fingertips

On the crest of the wave for a couple of years, especially in the United States where they go crazy among models, actresses and TV stars, who say they literally drink their beauty products in garganelle!

No, we are not talking about a face cream dissolved in who knows what liquid, but about special ones mash that they contain collagen - a protein that gives the skin a younger look - and not only that: vitamins, oils, plant extracts and more.

Born to heal the skin from within, not only from the outside, various brands have taken care of it, various products have been born, including Beauty Drink and Pure Gold Collagen, which has as its absolute model the Japan and skin care of oriental women.

While Europe has known them relatively late, including England, in Brazil it seems they have not been able to do without it for some time and in Asia a large company like Shiseido has developed its own line.

And distribution and production forecasts are on the rise: can we therefore speak of the anti-aging miracle of the century?


Perplexity about the shakes

A dermatologist, interviewed by the Daily Mail, claims that he has never seen any actual evidence that explains that taking collagen by mouth can increase the level of collagen in the skin, since the assimilation of these is interrupted in the stomach, since there is no no direct channel with the dermis.

Despite this, there are many praises that weave the numerous women who have tried it; very probably, as experts always maintain, the improvement can also be linked to the presence of Vitamin C e vitamin E, which are known to be good for the skin, moisturize and make it softer.


How Beauty Drinks Work

Also known as "boost beverage"support drinks, have flooded the pharmaceutical market in recent years and promise to turn water into one." anti-aging potion and which gives a beautiful skin.

These supplemented beauty drinks contain practically all those nutrients that act positively for the health of the skin, such as vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts - especially of olive leaves - which act like antioxidants.

As dermatologists already argue, a person should get all these nutrients thanks to a balanced diet, so the drinks themselves would be a supplement, a supplement, which is not always beneficial.

The downside lies precisely in the other things that are added to it, such as preservatives and emulsifiers that make them drinkable, palatable and sweeter, but which are not so healthy if ingested.

Basically, yes to hiring, but only if there is an actual physical need or if the introduction through the diet does not provide enough: the body is intelligent and knows how to regulate itself, exaggerating in every sense can lead to undesirable effects.


The bio-herbal tea version and the party version

They also exist on the market beauty drinks made in a more natural way, or model of the old and well-known herbal teas, evolution of those explained above.

It is a series of colored bottles that contain substances and plant extracts (plants, flowers, leaves, barks, roots) that help you stay fit, not just rejuvenate your skin!

So when you are stressed you can drink a beauty drink based on hawthorn, primrose or chamomile, while if you are down in tone you can take a handy herbal tea based on ginseng, Greek pine, sage, mint or peel. lemon, and so on.

Wellness drinks can also disguise themselves as Beauty Cocktails and let yourself fall into the glass in some evening aperitif. Indeed, that of the Beauty Cocktail seems to be a new trend, for those who want to drink in joy, eat and feel good: Sanpellegrino and Perrier know something about it, who have invented soft drinks for the fruit-based aperitif, light and totally non-alcoholic .


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