There is only one mother

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There is only one mother

Last update: February 03, 2015

Looking out the window on this winter day many thoughts come to mind. And today, while I was in my room alone, I thought: Are we really alone in this life, even though we are surrounded by our family, partner or friends? I think so, it's partly true. When we only see darkness, desolation or are going through a time of depression, the certainty of having a shoulder to cry on will always be of immense help and will allow us to pull ourselves up: but sometimes not even this is enough to make us recover and get out completely from the pit in which we have fallen. There are wounds that only time can heal.

Mother and her eternal forgiveness

However, I am sure that there is someone who will always be by our side, from the very moment we come into the world: our mothers. The bond we have with them is so strong and natural that it makes them always worry about us. When we are little they protect us from any danger, when we grow up and become boys they help us in the study, when we fall in love for the first time they remind us to keep our feet on the ground. In short, mothers are the voice of conscience we so need to take right decisions in life.

And so, even when we are unfair to them and get angry because they are too protective, they will always be there ready to forgive us, whenever there is a need. Even if we don't treat them as they deserve or respond badly. As the great Russian writer Lev Tolstoy said, "A mother's heart is an abyss at the bottom of which there is always forgiveness". And she was right. No matter what we do, most of the time our mothers will be there, ready to forgive us a thousand times over.

They are the ones who need us in old age

After reading these lines, you will surely agree that every mother deserves the utmost respect. Therefore, when old age arrives, it is important that all the good given comes back, and that we take care of them, to give them affection and love, and whatever they need, as far as possible. Especially if they no longer have a husband to rely on.

Are you feeling a little guilty because you recently got into a fight with your beloved mother? There is a remedy for everything. Go to her, tell her you want to fix things, and then go out with her for a walk or dinner. For sure in that moment you will give her the best gift in the world: love, affection and the care of his son.

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