The wrestlers have signs of wisdom behind them

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The wrestlers have signs of wisdom behind them

Last update: 27 November 2016

Real fighters have signs of wisdom behind them, even if they come from situations that no one would want to experience. Real fighters don't want to surprise with sprints, leave everyone stunned and arouse big ovations. In most cases they show enthusiasm and a desire to fight, but under certain circumstances, winning becomes very difficult.

They are the invisible nets that support people and prevent them from falling into the void, because they have developed the ability to avoid and absorb shocks. Sometimes they had to get up without any help and felt the pain sharply, sharply. They don't want the same to happen to those around them.

The wrestlers seem invisible and live in a grayish world, but from the shadow they are in they create large rainbows. They perform gestures that would rarely be recognized, from which one could really take advantage.

The real fighters, invisible heroes

How much joy the successes of the great geniuses arouse, but even greater is the continuous and solid help of these anonymous heroes. Our grandparents, the ones who helped us put the backpack on our shoulders on the first day of school, as if at the same time they took away our fears. Our mothers, able to bring the family together around a perfect table, even if the same cannot be said of family relationships. Able to bring together what seemed destroyed and to share the weight of negative emotions when they compromise our strength.

They are those now famous professionals who were mocked at school because they were not very intelligent. People capable of rebuilding the heart even if it has been torn apart thousands of times. They are those opponents, sitting at a table in the company of a coffee, more and more tired and full of uncertainty, after many years of study without any kind of economic remuneration.

They are those chronically ill who struggle every day to maintain a health that allows them to live with dignity. Depressed, anxious people, with a past of mistreatment and abuse, who dress every day to recompose their lives, a new opportunity to forget and become stronger.

The times of the struggle, the times that make sense

If someone does not fight for what they love, then what is the meaning of life? Traditionally they call it struggle, others deliver. Put soul and strength into what can lift our spirit only with thought. Play hard even though we know the game is long and we will probably have to come to terms with the possibilities and the odds.

In addition to fighting for what we love, even greater is doing it as we deepen our self-knowledge along the way, without even seeing the goal clearly. The biggest failures sometimes depend precisely on the fact that you have lost the sense of what you wanted to achieve, for not being able to lower the window to hear and see what was happening along the way.

The times that make sense are those that push us to invest time, soul and hope in what allows us to see the life we ​​want. With each step, we will learn that circumstances can change and the goal can disappear. In those moments, we will know that letting go of fear and taking the risk will be the key to our success

For this it is good to be real fighters. Do not stand and look at life as if it were a show, but make it spectacular. Being able to pursue what you really want, because when a person takes the right path, the reward is not at the end of it, but in every step he takes.

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