The weaknesses of the human being

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The weaknesses of the human being

Much of our weaknesses relate to the way we handle our emotions. For example, how we look at the past, how we relate to the present and how we project ourselves towards the future ...

Last update: June 12, 2021

The main strengths and weaknesses of the human being are related to the mind. What develops in our minds has enabled us, individually and as a species, to face great adversity and to perform impressive feats.

Just as there are feelings and attitudes that make us stronger, we all have great weaknesses that represent an obstacle to achieving our goals. When we talk about weaknesses, culture, class or race does not matter: they are present in each of us, to a greater or lesser extent.

The weaknesses of the human being are feelings and attitudes that turn into limits. They prevent us from progressing because they push us towards uninspiring and psychologically unprofitable prospects. In the following lines we present the 10 great weaknesses of the human species.

The greatest weakness is the sacred terror of looking weak.

-Jacques Benigne Bossuet-

The weaknesses of the human being

1. Cowardice

Cowardice occurs when we allow fear to take over in difficult and risky situations. This leads us to lack courage, but it also causes us to lose determination and willpower.

Dealing with dangers is not only courageous, but prudent as well. Cowardice makes us avoid taking a reasonable risk, or appears when you give up what you want out of fear.

2. Selfishness

Even selfishness can be classified as one of the weaknesses of the human being and not so much as a defect, since it is typical of those who feel empty and unloved.

Selfish people feel that by giving themselves they will be left with nothing. Or they feel they deserve more than the others, because they are lacking.

Selfishness is the inability to break the boundaries of the Self.

3. Dislike

Dislike is expressed as a feeling of rejection, disapproval or contempt towards others. Etymologically it derives from the Greek antipathos, which means “passion or feeling against someone”.

This rejection is due to the inability to understand and respect others. It also presupposes feelings of superiority, inspired by ignorance and the failure to recognize the worth of others.

4. Lack of concentration

We could say that it is one of the great weaknesses of today's human being. It is not just an intellectual problem, or one that only affects cognitive activities.

Lack of concentration prevents you from focusing on feelings, on ideas and goals. Therefore, she is almost always accompanied by a mundane and directionless life.

5. The distrust, the weaknesses of the human being

Distrust is caused by fear. When a priori distrusts everything and everyone, it means that deep down you feel a deep insecurity.

We fear the world because we feel unable to overcome its difficulties and vicissitudes. More than being wary of others, we are wary of our ability to prevail.

6. Impatience

Another human weakness typical of our time. The inability to wait, to let go and flow, in short, the tendency to go in a hurry, is one of the symptoms of modern society.

Slowness or lack of progress causes restlessness and nervousness, in turn fueled by a fearful gaze towards the future.

7. Envy, weaknesses of the human being

Envy has to do with suffering caused by the virtues or successes of others. One does not envy a virtue or a success, but rather the feeling of satisfaction they generate in those who have or obtain them.

This is why envy is bottomless. It is a weakness because it implies an approach aimed more at the life of others than at one's own. The happiness of the other makes his own misery more evident.

8. Resentment

Resentment is the inability to process damage suffered. As the word indicates, the same feeling, in this negative case, is tried over and over again.

It is a weakness because it has to do with emotional stagnation. To the extent that they are not addressed and processed, they remain there, hurting us.

9. Addiction

We are all addicted to some degree. But for some people, addiction is the hallmark of the relationships they build, not just with others, but with the world at large.

Addiction limits us to the extent that we project many needs, desires and responsibilities into the other, losing much of the control we have over what happens to us and causing feelings such as helplessness to emerge.

10. Stubbornness among the weaknesses of the human being

Stubbornness makes us weaker, because it is inspired by unreasonable reasons. Determination and tenacity are one thing, stubbornness is another.

In the latter prevails a childish desire to impose one's will or to accomplish something one desires. It hurts because it causes unnecessary suffering, perhaps for unimportant goals.


Everyone, more or less, shows these weaknesses. Probably most of us have had one or more at some point in our life when we felt hurt. Here because it is important to know how to manage them when they show up on the horizon.

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