The time has come to take your life in hand

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The time has come to take your life in hand

Last update: 10 November 2015

"Those who learn from their defeats have never made a mistake"


Surely you have noticed, as the years have passed and you have matured, that we live in a society that pushes us to perceive our mistakes only as something negative, which is useless, makes no sense and prevents us from improving.

All this, in addition to having no sense and not motivating us, pushes us to feel guilty every time we make a mistake in our daily life.

If you too are opposed to the fact that mistakes cannot be life lessons, if you want to feel more human and naturally vulnerable, let us give you one more reason to understand how sensitive and extraordinary we all can be.

Personal mistakes and characteristics of your person that do not make you feel comfortable with yourself actually form those small steps that allow you to change your life.

Why? Because they trace a path that, once traveled and surpassed, allows us to move forward and take our life back in hand. Change it to make it unique, as we all deserve.

And do you know what reward you will get after doing it? The gift of knowing how to deal positively with any obstacle that gets in your way.

With the passage of time, we understand that in our personal development there is always a "before" and an "after".
The "before" implies everything we were: how were you before committing the mistakes that you regret today and that torment you? The "after", on the other hand, represents the person who lives within you and who feels guilty every day for making a mistake. And it is precisely this sense of guilt that blocks you and takes away the will to live.

If you take a few minutes to reflect on the person you were before you made those mistakes, however, you will be able to ask yourself what limited you in that moment and what was the cause that caused you to build the walls that still exist today. Those walls that prevent you from advancing, progressing and giving your best.

As you reflect on your history, you will realize an important detail: your heart is begging you to take back your life, your existence.

It is telling you that the time has come to get the person you used to be and who you are back into action: a dreamer, without barriers and without limits. Go back to being a shining "me", a person capable of creating the most beautiful things in life. What your soul asks of you ...

The time has come to take your life back

Nothing happens if we make a mistake. It doesn't matter if we make mistakes or if we fall. And not even if we got confused.

Always remember that there is nothing negative in this life that does not also have a positive side, a much stronger teaching than the very consequences of those mistakes.

Being aware of being wrong and overcoming that bitterness can hurt, but it makes us much stronger.

And what do we need this for? To become aware of our own limitations as human beings. Realize that we are not alone and that we need to share, listen and empathize with the people around us.

Because only in this way can we discover what darkness is, overcome it and reach the light, ready to shine with brilliance and color.

Why we need to challenge ourselves, and have the courage to overcome ourselves. Understanding what is the teaching behind that bitter error and making it ours, making it part of our experience. To share in that goodness even the people we love most.

Do not forget that life flows

Life is made up of unchanging energy that demands the best of your person, even in the worst moments.

Understanding this will help you make peace with your experiences and be able to transform whatever you want into something wonderful.

The power to find a place where you won't let anyone hurt you and where the decisions, your decisions, come from the bottom of your heart. Without personal judgments or conflicting emotions.

The time has come to have the courage to resume our life, starting from the most intimate and profound part of us. Starting from the best of desires: to be ourselves and feel at peace with the person we are and who we will always be.

If you can feel this emotion of unconditional and fearless love, remember that everything that happens happens for a reason. Anything is worth it. You are worth immensely.

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