The time has come: be happy

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The time has come: be happy

Last update: Augusts 01, 2016

It is always the right time to decide that you want to be happy simply "because yes". In fact, the present is the best time to take the reins and direct the flight to all the goals we had set for ourselves, because there is only one way to reach the stars: to bet on them.

'Now' is synonymous with opportunity, to be happy without being obliged to be, simply for themselves, in order to be able to be with others. This is obvious, yet we see more and more sad faces in a world where, paradoxically, we could be happier.

It is never too late to be happy

It is normal for everything that happens to us to go through a series of spiritual highs and lows, because the positive things alternate with the negative ones. Nonetheless, when we are happy, the reasons for being happy outweigh everything: there are small drops that make up happiness and that can make any day shine.

These drops of happiness can be found in the most unexpected situations, in the things that we thought were the most insignificant: a small gesture, a hug, a lunch, a memory… everyone keeps the moments that made them happy.

Precisely for this reason, it is never late to be happy or, better said, for happiness to appear everywhere. Furthermore, reaching happiness does not depend on the effort one puts into looking for it, but on the attitude one has in knowing how to find it, where it is waiting for us: being happy is spontaneous, but the option to be happy has to bebe present.  

“At any time we have the opportunity to be happy;

we just have to choose to be "

-Steve Maraboli-

I want, can and deserve to be happy

Happiness is free or, at least, you can't buy it with money. It is one of the greatest gifts we can get, because it appears without warning and allows us to value things much more.

Being a gift, whoever has the ability to want and receive happiness, sometimes without being aware of it. In this sense, we may want to be happy, but not find a way to be happy, for example during the moments when we hit rock bottom.

When we are predisposed to understand that suffering is optional and that, to deal with it, we can adopt a certain attitude rather than another, happiness comes in the form of general well-being.  

Every day more human, happier

Suffering, like mistakes and falls, helps us feel more human; happiness, without them, would be meaningless. Being happy implies having been sad, because balance is necessary to grow as a person.  

Sometimes we wonder how the people close to us can love our flaws and the mistakes we make. However, those who remain do so because they understand that, to be happier, one must be more human and, as such, more imperfect.  

Happiness, therefore, hides behind everything that understands us and takes care of us, as well as what makes us believe we can live forever. Finding happiness is like seeing a field full of tall trees and still being able to glimpse a ray of sunshine.

For this reason, it is worth taking the attitude of “today I must be happy”, because a minimum ray of sunshine that illuminates the forest is more than enough.

Images courtesy of Susan Batori

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