The sweet taste of romance

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The sweet taste of romance

Last update: July 14, 2016

Lawyers, especially labor law experts, say that "the devil is in the details", because sometimes a single word can completely change the meaning of a legal text. Even romantics know the value of details, but they attribute another connotation to it: "paradise hides in the details". This is the point of view of romantic people.

Nobody knows when the romance fear epidemic began. It seemed that everyone felt a real terror at the thought of being called "trivial". They certainly didn't know that romantic doesn't necessarily mean trivial and that trivial doesn't necessarily mean romantic. As with all things, it is a question of balance.

What makes the difference between the banal and the romantic is fiction, in other words artificiality. A poem that wants to impress with refined words, instead of sincerely expressing what it feels, is banal. Any apparently affectionate gesture that claims to upset or arouse admiration, instead of making the person you presumably love feels good, is trivial. And they are trivial because they are fake or fake, and that makes them ridiculous.

Romanticism gives color to life

A vanilla ice cream is a vanilla ice cream in any place, but if they serve it with chopped pistachio, with some icing and in a nice way, for sure you will think that your ice cream can be much better. You also exhibit a different satisfaction as you eat it. One way or another, it makes you feel safe, pampered and valued. Ice cream is no longer a simple ice cream, but becomes a seductive snack.

These details, which in the strict sense are not necessary, from a functional point of view sometimes trigger a whole world of emotions in a subjective perspective. They make any instant become a truly unique moment. They are so important that they remain deeply etched in the memory and come back to the surface even many years later.

The natural space to express romance is the love of a couple. Perhaps, if you have ever written a poem, it was when you felt deeply in love. Flowers, chocolates or letters, among many things, are concepts that frequently appear in association with romantic love. Thus they become the fuel that ignites the flame of love.

A romantic person knows how to fill life with a thousand colors. It's not that love necessarily depends on romance, but romance is a way to enhance it to the fullest. Without a shadow of a doubt, it offers many more beautiful unforgettable moments and makes even a small moment a real event..

Fear of romance

Ultimately, a romantic detail is a clear declaration of love and the importance given to the other person. He manages to transform an ordinary fact into something extraordinary. It is a sign of interest, concern and the will to exalt the other. Generally it arouses surprise and allows you to feel a kind of fulfillment and fullness for a few moments.

However, many people love with caution. Curiously, they don't want the other to find out how much they care about him or what they would be willing to do to make him happy. They experience love in an almost "executive", "mechanical" way, as a functional theme that is given in class, as if they had to repair a car. Nothing more. No exaggeration. No banality. They do not want to arouse the suspicion in the other that they are too cloying or too intense.

Others have a kind of emotional rawness. They dislike poems and burst out laughing when they hear a serenade. They place more emphasis on the practical effects of love: mutual support, understanding, good communication, etc.. They do not believe, however, that love dances to the rhythm of violins or that it grows between whispered words or perfumes.

There are no formulas in human life. It certainly acquires a special touch when we have a person next to us who surprise us with something that makes us feel special. Life is even more colorful if we feel we are able to awaken a sincere and grateful smile in someone, when we tell them that they are important to us with a simple detail. Romance is like the music that accompanies the words to form a song.

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