The special fruits for those who do physical activity

The special fruits for those who do physical activity

When we consider fruit in a sportsman's diet, this can very well be seen as the best of natural supplements, and that's why athletes never miss it in their daily diet, both for breakfast and as a snack, both pre and post workout.

They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, water and other micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, everything that, as a rule, we sweat away during sports. In fact, athletes need to rehydrate, integrate lost salts, keep the immune system, cardiovascular system, bone and joint health in shape.

However, although fruit in general is ideal for replenish sweaty substances away and to improve performance, some fruits seem to be designed by mother nature exactly to support certain specific forms of sport, effort, physical activity.



Banana is a note potassium source, very rich in this salt that is important as a conductor of electricity through the body. In case of physical activity in a state of potassium deficiency, widespread weakness, cramps, fatigue, muscle non-responsiveness can occur and in the most serious cases forms of cardiac arrhythmia can be generated.

A balanced diet provides enough potassium in itself but sportspeople experience a higher consumption of this trace element, which is why the consumption of bananas is recommended. Secondly, bananas offer good quality carbohydrates, to be burned to generate muscle energy.



A classic common habit among sportsmen is that of consume glucose before performances or workouts. This can be compensated for by consuming the same amount of raisins in terms of weight 45 minutes before performance or exercise.

Research published in various scientific journals has shown that raisins offer the same benefits as glucose gel, to which are added the presence of iron, dietary fiber, and a lower price on the market.


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Vitamin C is known as one of the best natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which is why sportspeople should consume oranges and other citrus fruits. Physical activity and sport involve numerous microtrauma and muscle fatigue, which result in inflammation of various sizes, which can be prevented and treated in a completely natural way thanks to ascorbic acid some oranges.

Not only that, vitamin C has the ability to improve the absorption of iron and folate, especially important for athletes who have a higher rate of consumption (or loss) of iron than male athletes. Orange and orange juice are also important rehydrating elements.



What has been said for oranges and citrus fruits is also valid for strawberries, another fruit very rich in vitamin C. As mentioned, this vitamin is important for controlling inflammation and oxidative principles, but it is also important for generate collagen, necessary for the proper functioning of muscles and joints, and to make tissues and blood vessels elastic so as to reduce the recovery time from trauma and hematomas.

The dietary fiber contained in strawberries helps keep blood sugar levels under control.



Le cherries acid likeblack cherry, sour cherry and morello cherry are the special fruits for sportsmen par excellence. Extremely rich in vitamin C, they have a strong antioxidant power and a great ability to reduce muscle pain in a short time. Juices and smoothies from this fruit, combined with other fruits, are one of the secrets of many professional sportsmen.



La blackberry and another special fruit and, moreover, underestimated. High in vitamin C and vitamin A, anthocyanins and flavonoids, blackberries help give longevity to the tone of the muscles. These berries are one of the best natural mixes of nutrients and antioxidants.


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