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    The smile: a weapon of seduction

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    Joe Dispenza

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    Chaplin said that
    un smile it costs nothing and produces
    a lot, it only lasts a moment but can remain in the memories forever. It is certain that
    a smile is an excellent weapon for convincing people and excellent for seducing them.
    But… it is necessary to consider that men and women react differently than
    facing it.

    A curious study carried out
    from the University of Aberdeen in the UK showed that women are good
    to find a man more attractive when another woman had already smiled at him
    previously. On the contrary, if another man had already smiled at the woman
    before, males used to consider her less attractive. To get to
    these conclusions the researchers asked a total of 56 participants that
    evaluated the attractiveness of the people who were shown to them in some
    photo. Some examples of the photographs used were the following: Later, i
    researchers changed the images, and on this occasion they showed one
    person with someone of the opposite sex watching her, both smiling and with
    a neutral expression on the face. An example can be found in the photo below: Surprisingly,
    when the participants found themselves in front of these images, theirs
    opinion about the attractiveness of the people in the images changed. In women, yes
    highlighted a tendency to find men more attractive when another woman
    he watched them smiling; on the contrary they found them less attractive if the face
    of the woman was neutral. At the other extreme, men found women less
    attractive if another man smiled at them, and more attractive if the expression on
    the male's face was neutral. Researchers
    claim that these differences would be due to the fact that men and women
    they follow different criteria when choosing a partner and determining attractiveness
    of the opposite sex. In fact, in a study carried out by UCLA and published
    in Personal Relationships magazine,
    it could be found how women preferred men who showed
    a certain social dominance through their intelligence and abilities.
    So when women see another woman smiling at a man, they would stay
    decoding this gesture as a sign of prestige and social success
    of the latter: “if the other likes it
    then I like it too ". On the contrary, in the
    in the case of males, they would identify one in the smile of the other man
    need for "struggle" or "competition" for the female. The authors of the study
    they ensure that these behaviors are completely normal in the animal kingdom. I personally believe
    that in addition to the possible phylogenetic traits that we can highlight in ours
    decisions, this difference is also supported by social stereotypes. Enough
    ask ourselves, what conclusions do we women draw when we see another woman who
    smiles at a man? What do men think when they see another man who
    does he smile at a woman? If we answer unreservedly then we will get one
    more explanatory vision of the phenomenon.
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