“The Secret of My Success” - Achieve your Fitness Goals

What is the secret to achieving the set goals? Many of us set fitness goals each year, but not all of us manage to achieve them. So what can be done to bring about real changes? Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds in the colder months, or run a marathon or break your weightlifting record, the ethics remain the same.

It's not so much about uncovering the "secret of success", but more about your attitude and the concrete steps you take to achieve your goals.

Sam Robinson, a functional fitness champion, revealed to healthiergang how he managed to push himself beyond his will to work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

It's time to face the good intentions face to face and reach the end of the year with some serious sporting achievements ...


Clarity is the first step necessary for the realization of one's goals. You need to have a clear picture of what you want, as well as when you want to see it achieved. Clearly planning how to achieve your goal isn't just a good way to figure out how you'll get there. Being able to visualize yourself reaching your goal, or lifting that extra 20kg is what will keep you going on days you don't want to train. Plus, looking back where you come from is already a good motivational boost.

Sam says, “If I'm having a bad day, I just remember why I'm doing it and accept that my numbers aren't going to be the best. I broke my heel in January, I had to train in a boot for 5-6 months before I learned to walk again. When I lose motivation, I think back to how much more difficult it was to train in those days “.



The old saying "you are what you eat" has never been truer than when you try to make your good intentions come true. If you want to train hard, you need to eat right to fuel every movement and improve your body composition to go that extra mile, or to build up your muscles.

Sam states, "I make sure I eat enough, get enough sleep, drink enough water, stick to my plan and do nothing more." So, keep your intentions simple and it will be easier for you to follow through on them.

It's not just about the physical fuel, it's also about that mental fuel. Thinking about why you want something or why it's important to make it happen is what gets you out of bed for that morning workout session, or pushes you to opt for a balanced meal instead of high calorie ice cream. Maybe your challenge is to raise money for charity - think of all the people your challenge will help if you keep moving forward.


Let it become something you truly love - enjoy the challenge and the feeling of success at the end of a hard workout. Being passionate about something also means being positive about it. It is true that a positive attitude helps, but taking positive action is what will guide you to change. So, make it something you love and let your passion propel you forward.

“What drives me to be better is knowing that every day I am getting better at everything. My recovery for my bad leg is 90%, yet I am still beating my records. What motivates me is knowing that my numbers will only continue once I am 100%. I also love the competitive atmosphere - you can't beat it ”.


Comparing yourself to bikini models on Instagram will never leave you feeling that your results are tangible when they really are. Likewise, if you work every day from 9am to 17pm, it's not effective to compare your fitness results with a guy who spends all days in the gym from morning to night.

You are the only person you should be confronted with. Challenge the part of yourself that says it could never go a mile with the part of you that feels capable of going 10 miles all together - this will help you achieve your goals. Take measurements, whether it's your body, sprint time, or extra pounds, and build on that. This is also the only way to plan your next steps and improve by breaking your personal bests.

Sam reveals: “I always have my game plan and I never pay attention to what anyone else is doing. Someone will always be better than you at something, so it's important to know that's enough if you're giving your best efforts. "


Establish a goal. When you meet him, put on another one and repeat. There is always another step you can take to improve. Pushing yourself to break a record is a great way to stay motivated, whether it's running the furthest distance, or scoring a goal in every game, or hitting a new weight goal.

It all starts with achieving a goal and working out how to get there. If you follow each step, your goal can quickly become a reality. A personal achievement, or an achievement shouldn't be a dream, it should be something achievable if you work hard enough - you can always set another one when you meet the first one.

“I was told by the physiotherapist that I would not be able to compete for at least a year. However, just last month I qualified for my first functional fitness sanctioned event in the elite category, competing for a seat at the functional fitness games in 2019. I wanted to show that you can come back from injury on a very competitive playing field. "


Celebrate your victories, no matter how small they seem. Each result is a step in the right direction. Don't celebrate in a harmful way for your workout, but with a new pair of trainers for your first half marathon or a new gym bag to carry all your kit.

Sam says, “I always find time to see friends and family over the weekend. This balance is very important because I feel I perform better when I am happier. "

As Sam said, celebrating your success also means knowing when to take a break. If you've been training hard, your body will need a day off - this is celebrating the success of a difficult session with a day off. Overdoing the stunt will only break your success with injuries and fatigue, so know when it's time to appreciate your body's hard work and get some rest.

Don't Forget:

Sam proved that despite the odds, you can always reach your physical peak. Now you can turn your ambitions into reality. With a little hard work, planning and commitment, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Remember that your results are yours alone - be proud of every step you take and remember that sometimes taking a break is as important as the hard training you have done.

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