The sale of organic products

Organic products for sale in the country are in considerable diffusion: from supermarket shelves, to local markets, to online sites, organic products are growing and constantly increasing, although moderate compared to other parts of the world, as in Germany and North America, for example, where organic products and in particular "Organic - Made in the country" products are enjoying great success.

The European Union has also given its blessing a few days ago: now you can be sure of the organic origin of food and drinks only if the EU logo in the shape of a green leaf appears on the packaging, the new mandatory organic certification.

The logo must appear on all packaged foods and beverages of organic origin, indicating that food manufacturers comply with stringent EU standards.


The increase in the sale of organic products

More and more consumers are therefore choosing organic products, regardless of whether they are organic foods, essential for structuring a healthy diet, cosmetics or clothing, ecological products for the home.

In the last three years, 2009-2011, the sites that sell organic products online have increased by almost 30%, the short supply chain and the purchasing group are also growing, new shops are opening in the city that sell bulk products at zero kilometer.

So how to juggle organic products and possible sales channels?


Where to buy organic products

Here is a rundown of possible organic sales points, evaluating the pros and cons, let's see where the convenience and safety of purchase are greater.


Organic products shops

Lately it is not uncommon to see new shops on the streets of the city that sell only organic food; these are bulk products, such as rice, pasta, cereals; organic fruit and vegetables grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, at zero kilometer; sauces and condiments or baked goods. Often here you can also find food products for those with particular food intolerances.

The organic shop offers significant savings in consumption for those who live in the city: just go on foot or by bicycle, gaining health and clean air. This is one of the advantages. The disadvantage can sometimes be the costs, which are slightly higher than the large-scale distribution, the market or direct sales from the farmer.


Shopping centers and supermarkets with an organic corner

Large-scale retailers are increasingly striving to offer consumers a wide choice of organic food products, so as to provide a valid alternative. Hypermarkets and supermarkets such as Auchan, Bennet, Iper and Carrefour are choosing more and more products GMO free, "Filiera" or "Scelgo Bio" branded products, guaranteed organic.

Coop, GS and Esselunga have many products classified as organic, as well as smaller companies, such as Conad, with its own organic line, the eco-points of Crai, Pam and Standa. There are also supermarkets highly specialized in organic and in the sale of products for biodynamic cooking which, in addition to food and drinks, also sell other things, such as cosmetics, detergents, hygiene products and products for children. It is about Nature Yes and B'io, for example.


Purchasing groups: GAS tierra

These are people who come together to buy large quantities of products, saving and dividing the total quota and the products themselves, buying them directly from the producer. Here, in addition to the safety of a product that is chosen personally, maintaining a pleasant direct contact with the producer, there is also the conviviality of a moment, that of shopping as if it were a small tribe. This also reduces pollution and energy waste resulting from transport.

Buying through solidarity groups is great for families, not so ideal for those who live alone or buy a little product at a time. Lately the practice of buy directly from the manufacturer, even without the intermediation of the buying group, by going directly to farmhouses, farmhouses, producers who encourage retail purchases, for example of fruit or vegetables, meats, cheeses, honey: an excellent opportunity for a Sunday outing.

On the Terranostra site, in collaboration with Coldiretti, you can find all the farmhouses and villages that practice retail or on the site of the peasant civilization that deals with the protection of rural biodiversity, suggesting points of purchase and promoting an open comparison throughout el country.


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Organic e-commerce online

More and more frequent are the online organic supermarkets that are born in the country. Among these we recall Solmeo, Hello Bio that really sell everything, from food to baby diapers, to organic shoes and accessories.

Quibio specializes in tablecloths, household products, glasses, recyclable cutlery, as well as the like Ecomarket, which delivers by bicycle to Milan. For those who want an organic make-up site and organic cosmetics there is also Biomakeup. Su Biosalute you can even buy small flour mills or electric flakers.


Farmers' markets at zero kilometer

They are generally markets that are held locally, in some districts of the city or in the towns. Sometimes they are in collaboration with Coldiretti and stalls pop up here and there in the classic weekly market.

These are mainly seasonal fruit and vegetables, compotes, cheeses and cured meats sold directly by the local producer. In addition to seasonality of the products, economic savings are also ensured, due to the direct purchase process, and the safety of a truly organic product.


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