The right motivation to lose weight

    The right motivation to lose weight

    Diet goal, every season: 1 out of 4 women wears it in first place compared to a love relationship and 1 in 2 confessed to thinking more about food than sex. This was revealed by a survey promoted by Atkins, the multinational of low carb regimes, which interviewed 1290 members of the fair sex. "I'm not surprised by these figures," he comments Cristina Rubano, psychotherapist specialist in Health Psychology and editor of the blog Food for the mind for the Order of Psychologists of Lazio. “Being thin is a social status. The equation has been established that having a slim body means being happy and successful. From this point of view, the prevailing obsession of try various diets, seen as the solution of all personal problems. But raggiungere il desired weight it does not mean automatically feel satisfied».


    The realization that the success of a weight loss regimen is only a small part of your life leads you, on the other hand, to hold on to weight loss. "Yes, that's right, because you don't live your diet as a reflection of how good you are," continues the expert. «Don't ask too much of yourself (“ ​​I have to lose weight at all costs ”); you are less stressed ("I accept that sometimes it is normal to go too far") and you know better control those negative emotions (the anger and the disappointment of seeing that even with a few kilos less everything is the same as before) which then lead you to binge and frustrate the sacrifices made so far ». Stand with your feet on the ground, therefore, it is the starting motivation for losing weight. Once and for all.


    1. Don't chase an unreal weight for your build and age. If anything, think that the goal is to reach a better version of yourself. You can only succeed if you consider body and mind in their complexity: thoughts, feelings, relationships, physical well-being. Peace of mind does not depend on a predetermined weight, but on listening to your needs and taking care of yourself.

    2. Don't tie your value to a number on the scale or one size. Focusing on just one goal will make you feel perpetually low on self-esteem, since you only ever value yourself from a single perspective. If your mood depends on how much weight you lose, it's like living under a hood of anxiety. Ready to pour sutanto, too much food at the first hitch.

    3. Shift the focus from outward to inward change. The winning shot that makes you a different person is not the pounds lost but the ability to abandon a wrong lifestyle, but known and reassuring, to take a new path made of determination and resilience.

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