The right and only way to grow

    The right and only way to grow
    Progressive loads on core exercises!

    Edited by Dr. Marco Martone

    In the fitness and bodybuilding sector there are many diversified and often conflicting theories, which, both for the enormous amount of data and for the incompatibility between the various notions, can lead to confusion who uses this information. The situation seems to worsen today, in the age of targeted and super-fast information, thanks also to new technologies such as the Internet and numerous increasingly specialized magazines.
    There are too many theories on how to develop lean mass.


    In this ocean of information, you will surely have come across unscientific theories and training schedules lasting two hours or more. Or you have happened to follow the training, also marathon in length, of the instructor who works in your gym, who is ready to swear to you that he grew up with that card; but even if you have worked hard, the results are late or, even worse, there are none at all.
    You begin to believe (erroneously) that the training schedules you performed were not "heavy" enough and, unfortunately, since the dominant dogma is "more is always better", you enter a vicious circle that is extremely detrimental to results: change continuously the composition of your training, even increasing the amount of work.
    The truth is that you need to train in a totally different way from these individuals, both because they are different from you in genetics and because they do not explicitly admit the "cycles" they do to support a type of training that a natural body cannot. tolerate.
    Now you are thinking that you got some results at the beginning with those methods and then, right here, I want to emphasize that when you are a beginner, any type of training to grow is fine; even the absurd one of 2 hours or more 5 times a week.
    You must be aware, in fact, that the first months of training, when you are in fact new to weight training, are very different from the months in which you can consider yourself intermediate or even in an advanced stage of bodybuilding practice ( from 6 to 18 months of training seniority can be considered intermediate, after this interval one can generally be considered advanced).
    This is because at the beginning your body is not used to any physical shock, so it reacts by increasing the tone and muscle mass, but then over time things change and some parameters must necessarily be respected to grow, such as:

    the need for more recovery necessary for growth;

    increased strength in multi-joint exercises;

    a training time that does not exceed 70 minutes including warm-up.

    All parameters that cannot be followed if you continue to train following the strangest and often not very functional theories for you, who have both normal genetics and the common sense not to use drugs that artificially alter some variables, facilitating growth and / or recovery.
    Now let's see what you need to do to grow in a progressive but above all healthy way.
    The human body is a very adaptable "machine" and with constant practice of training it will perceive less and less of it as a shock, which is ultimately the only purpose for which you train. Shock is the trigger that triggers supercompensation and, subsequently, growth. For this reason, your workouts must continually aim to shock the body in order to trigger the much-needed supercompensation and this will only happen if you subject the muscles to ever greater loads in a progressive way.
    Through some notions of neurophysiology and muscle electrophysiology I will try to explain to you why to grow you need to lift ever more consistent weights on exercises considered to be multi-joint, the only way to shock the muscles and induce them to grow.

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