The reflection of our life on social networks

The reflection of our life on social networks

The reflection of our life on social networks

Last update: October 30, 2016

When we see the photos or posts of our contacts on social networks, it happens to think that our life is boring and has nothing to offer… This is why we do the impossible to look like others and upload thousands of photos to show our adventures. But is the life of others really as wonderful as it seems on social networks? Is it worth having a social life, so "busy"?

For example, couples who always "inform" their acquaintances that they are in love and cannot live without each other are actually insecure and jealous. They need to flaunt the rooftops and "simulate" perfection or invent a confirmation that is nothing more than a mirage of their life.

Why does everyone have a better social life than mine?

Posts of happy and in love couples hiding marital crises, people taking selfies anywhere in the world who may hide loneliness and lack of roots, self-help or self-improvement phrases that claim to give a pedagogy lesson with too many exceptions so that they can become absolute laws.

Unfortunately when our brain sees such messages, it feels envious because she believes that others are more fun, have great lives, have found true love or have unique sensations. However, is all that glitters really gold?

Spending hours and hours on social networks is not very helpful, especially if our mood is melancholy. A particularly dangerous aspect if we do it in terms of comparing ourselves with others by taking them as points of reference. If we feel that the world owes us something, which is not true, we will increase this feeling if we feel that things are really good for others. Peering at the profiles of others, therefore, only increases our feeling of victimhood.

The life of others is not what it appears on social networks

Do you think it is impossible to stop checking every day those platforms that are supposed to give news and updates about the people around you? According to a study by a group of Danish researchers, using Facebook, for example, in this way makes us unhappy. The research was attended by a group of volunteers who stopped checking their Facebook profile for a week. They admitted feeling less stressed and more focused on work or study.

Those who do not use social networks a lot or do not have a profile on these sites use the day in another way. These people have more time to rest, exercise, complete any task ahead of time, prepare dinner, or do house cleaning. As if that weren't enough, the detachment from social networks favors direct communication with those around you, interaction with loved ones or family and friends..

The result of this test offers us elements to reflect on: “We constantly read good news and wonderful things on the noticeboard of others and this pushes us to make a comparison and to get depressed. Words or images do not always show reality, in fact through the world of social networks we aim to show others the best version of ourselves, a distorted image of who we really are ”.

Facebook happiness is a mask

This phrase should be a mantra, whenever we feel depressed after reading wonderful messages and posts on social networks. Why do we say virtual happiness isn't true?

Very simple: because it is an image selected and in many cases manipulated among all those concerning the moment immortalized in the photo. It is not a photo uploaded at random, only that the person who posted it likes it and this informs us about his tastes and preferences.

On the other hand, you think that those who waste time taking pictures at a certain moment somehow give up enjoying that moment. He abandons the scene and the scenery and puts himself in the spectator's shoes and in that scene there is only a sort of reflection of his life. By choice of him, this yes.

What happens on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is somehow far from the true and authentic reality, it's more of an advertising exercise or the satisfaction of showing yourself in a certain way.

If your social life is not like that of others, well congratulations! You don't need to show thousands of photos from a Saturday night to know you had a great time. Do you think that all those memories and moments really existed, even if they don't appear on social networks.

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