The properties of the fig

The properties of the fig

The fig is a sugary and invigorating fruit

Il fico it has a high content of easily assimilable sugars and can therefore provide an immediate source of energy to the body. It is true: it is caloric, but it is less so than many other sugary fruits; on average, in fact, 100 grams of figs contain about 47 calories. The speech changes when it comes to dried figs; these, in fact, have about 4 times the calories of fresh figs and should therefore be consumed with great moderation.

Due to its high sugar content, figs, even fresh ones, are not recommended for those suffering from diabetes. 

It is particularly rich in vitamin B6; it also contains a good amount of vitamin A and other B vitamins. It is a good source of minerals, in particular potassium, calcium and iron. 

All these properties of the fig make it a fruit particularly suitable for the needs of children, athletes and pregnant women.


The fig, friend of the whole organism

The fig has a mild laxative effect and stimulates intestinal peristalsis, it contains, in fact, lignin, a substance effective in countering constipation and other intestinal disorders; moreover, this fruit, thanks to its composition, helps the assimilation of nutrients. 

Very low in fat and totally cholesterol-free, the fig contains a good concentration of polyphenols, powerful antioxidantthe naturals; these characteristics make it a valid ally of heart and vases.

Le properties of the fig they do not end there: this fruit is also known for its anti-inflammatory and calming activity; it is useful to quell coughs and against inflammatory states of the urinary and airways. 

Finally, it can be used to make compresses on accesses, boils and inflamed skin areas.


Properties, calories and nutritional values ​​of figs


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