The properties and benefits of grapefruit

    by Serena Allevi

    Il grapefruit it is a very popular juicy fruit because refreshing and light. Particularly appreciated at breakfast and during diets, grapefruit boasts numerous beneficial properties for the whole organism.

    For example, not everyone knows that it is a fruit with a recognized action digestive or that it turns out to be a formidable ally in the event of cystitis and urinary tract infections.

    Nutritional characteristics

    Grapefruit has an exceptional content of vitamins and minerals. From a nutritional point of view, first of all, it is very rich in water.

    Therefore, it is excellent for rehydrating and also for drain excess fluids and toxins. The draining action of the fruit is amplified by the content of potassium. Also present in excellent quantities are magnesium, vitamin A and Vitamin C.

    The antioxidants present in grapefruit are also very important. Primarily a flavonoid, the naringenin, which also exerts a marked and recognized action antitumor. Even the lycopene, which we find in the pink variety, is an important antioxidant especially for preventing certain types of cancer, such as that of prostate.

    Even the seeds and the peel of the fruit are full of virtues: the peel for example contains limonene and citral, both with antidepressant functions. Instead the seeds are used in Phytotherapy to successfully treat urinary tract infections.

    Ally of the diet

    Grapefruit is a friend of slimming diets and anti-cellulite regimens. In fact, it not only helps drain excess fluids and ea deflate (belly, legs, arms) but it is also a panacea against nervous hunger.

    Containing many fibers, it exerts a satiating action and greatly reduces appetite. Perfect as a snack even in case of premenstrual syndrome.

    Healthier heart and less cholesterol

    Grapefruit helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. This action protects the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system in general.

    The high potassium content also contributes to lower blood pressure values, helping those suffering from hypertension. The advice is to consume 3 fruits a day, in pulp or squeezed.

    To find out more about the beneficial properties of grapefruit, browse the gallery!

    The properties and benefits of grapefruit The properties and benefits of grapefruit The properties and benefits of grapefruit The properties and benefits of grapefruit The properties and benefits of grapefruit The properties and benefits of grapefruit The properties and benefits of grapefruit


    Grapefruit is a real ally of immune system. Eating a grapefruit for breakfast, in fact, helps the body to become stronger against the attack of viruses and bacteria.

    The credit goes to the content of Vitamin C, powerful antioxidant and di Vitamin A, natural anti-inflammatory very effective against bacterial infections.

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