The power of the mind is a treasure: protect it

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The power of the mind is a treasure: protect it

Last update: 21 November 2016

The power of the mind resides in the brain, which, like any other organ in the body, needs care in order not to deteriorate. The brain is the true "center of operations" of thought which, in turn, affects the whole body. Taking care of the brain, therefore, also means preserving physical and mental health.

Although the brain is a fundamental organ, in reality science knows very little about it. However, enough information has been gathered to understand what actions help preserve this organ and, consequently, the power of the mind. Below we reveal 6 activities to take care of this great treasure of the body.

To preserve mental power, take care of the ears

Hearing has been shown to be closely related to mental abilities. Research conducted in the UK has established that hearing loss leads to a reduction in gray matter in the brain. This results in a reduction in cognitive abilities.

Taking care of the ears also means protecting mental abilities. You should know that 15 seconds of blaring music is enough to cause hearing damage. Even the use of a hairdryer for a day compromises some small cells that help to pick up sounds.

Trust in your skills

We have all happened to walk into a room and forget why we entered (the reason disappears from our consciousness) or, out of the blue, we forget an important task or we don't get the right words. This can happen at any age and for different reasons. The bad thing is that many see these symptoms as a sign that their mental power is deteriorating.

This is why these people begin to adopt "aids" for this alleged deficiency. They carry with them a booklet where they write down anything so as not to forget anything or avoid exposing themselves to situations that test their cognitive skills. In reality, instead of helping, these strategies can make the situation worse. It is best to always strive, have self-confidence and, if necessary, do memory exercises to improve this function.

Take care of nutrition and weight

Fats and sugars are enemies of our mental abilities. The former because they increase the level of cholesterol and therefore the blood supply to the brain. The second is because they can alter insulin production and contribute to the formation of dangerous plaques in the brain. Obesity itself also slows down all body functions.

It is not a question of obsessing over the so-called "healthy diet". It is good to indulge in some pleasure from time to time, but in general you must follow a diet low in sugar and fat. A study conducted in the United States revealed that a person following the Mediterranean diet has equivalent mental power to that of a person 7 years younger.

Socializing: A Secret to Preserving Mental Power

People who stay socially active are 70% less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment. This is because human beings are sociable by nature and always need others to stimulate them, challenge them, force them to see other points of view or raffle off human relationships.

If you want to protect and preserve your mental power, there is nothing better than opening the doors to conversation with others, going to parties whenever possible and not isolating yourself. In addition to being a good way to take care of the brain, it is also a great source of satisfaction.

Let physical activity become a habit

We could fill a whole book with just the list of health benefits of physical activity. They are really a lot. We are not saying that you have to become professional sportsmen, and above all not overnight. The important thing is to adopt an exercise routine and follow it day after day.

Physical activity improves the mood, allows the body to oxygenate and is the best nourishment for the brain. It has also been shown that physical activity increases cognition: children who walk to school get better grades. Adults who take a walk every day feel the consequences of the passage of time more slowly. You can start with a light routine and then gradually increase the intensity.

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