The power of optimism

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The power of optimism

Last update: 09 March, 2015

Optimism is one of the concepts that human beings rely on to give a positive emotional response to their life. Furthermore, it is the main topic within the studies of Positive Psychology, a conceptual reference for its research and definition.

By moving away from academic concepts and focusing on people's daily life, optimism is an emotional tool that can help achieve complicated goals and objectives a priori.

What is optimism?

Optimism can be defined as an approach we choose to deal with the different situations that follow one another in life.

Starting from this simple description, we can realize the importance of optimism, which acts as a catalyst to shape our perceptions and to strengthen our attitudes.

Characteristics of optimism

Recognizing the characteristics of optimism is a rather easy task. Some of these are:

The good mood: it is the best business card of an optimistic person. This does not mean being "the life of the party" at all times, but that even in personal moments of despair we are people able to help and listen to others.

Finding the solution in the face of adversity: identifying advantages and solutions in the face of problems makes us active people who are continually renewed, capable of giving free rein to our capacity for personal discovery.

The speranza: is a direct relative of optimism, adds feelings of expectation for the future, and brilliantly displays another healthy emotional concept: illusion.

Developing optimism in our daily behavior will bring about changes in our life. Optimism is the fundamental pillar to fight against apathy and discouragement, the main culprits for the inconveniences of our daily life.

Optimism is not the emotion of those who try to get away from responsibilities and simply "think positive". The real power of optimism resides within us, it requires an effort of daily and constant work. An active attitude in the daily routine is the first step on the ladder of optimism.

Personal knowledge helps us to define our life, but also the inconveniences, desires or any other emotional will we have. If we manage optimism correctly, we will be able to design a healthy and pure strategic plan that allows us to "attack" and face the different situations to which life subjects us, drawing strength and benefit from each of them.

Finally, it is necessary to underline a no less important aspect: the pessimistic environment. We need to be able to recognize and control the feelings aroused by the pessimistic sources around us. This is and will be one of the hardest tests we will have to face, overcome or integrate in a positive way in our life, which will significantly strengthen our optimism and our hope..

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