The past: the excuses that keep us connected

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Robert Maurer

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day, even if we don't realize it, thousands of little invisible threads there
keep tied to the past. questi
ties often turn into a heavy burden that prevents us from
continue on our path, they make us consume energy and maintain us
linked to a reality that no longer belongs to us.

this reason, even if we set ourselves countless goals, we will be able to achieve them
very few. We will always have a good excuse to never get out of the circle of
trust we have created around us. The first step to grow is that
to find out what the excuse we use is. Once unmasked it will be difficult
may it continue to hold us back. 1. “Before
to start I must have a project ".
We have been taught that
any goal must be well planned. What is certain is planning
in detail it is important, but it is not essential. Sometimes that's enough
launch with a positive attitude and the steps are showing during the
path. 2. “Now
I don't feel fit, I have to wait when I feel better ”.
think about how you feel now but rather how you will be once you are realized i
your goals. In short, many people think they are so fat, inexperienced
and complicated ... that they will never be able to undertake a new project. And maybe
this is true, but in any case it is never a good excuse to avoid the
change. If you face the change without great expectations, but only for
the pleasure of having fun or embarking on a new adventure, you will see that
you will find the lost time, strength and skills. 3. “Non
I know how to do it, I've never done it ".
It may be that you never have
cooked before, written a book or played football, but this is never a good one
sorry for not learning now. The fact of not having done something before
it just represents a new opportunity to learn to open up to new ones
experiences. Isn't it wonderful that at 40 or 50 we can still find out about
have new passions? 4. "The
others will laugh at me ”.
Maybe some will, but… who cares?
We certainly cannot subordinate our goals to the views of
people who make fun of others' abilities. We must learn to discern
between opinions that are really useful and those that are not. 5. “Non
I will be able to be sufficiently persevering ".
you never start when you will never know if you really feel involved in
project. How many times have you thought a game or hobby was stupid for
then end up getting passionate and not being able to do without it anymore?

solution to get rid of all these excuses is only one: go for it! Do not wait
tomorrow, simply start today to take the right steps to transform yours
dreams in reality. Of course, the journey won't be easy, but if you don't start it won't
you will never know what awaits you.

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