The new book of Semaphore Power

Edited by Dr. Davide Marciano

Millions of diets have come out in recent years, including the serious application of science to simple caloric jumble.
Some of them play with calories, others reduce the intake of carbohydrates more or less, still others to launch the novelty are boundless in real food imbalances.

The new book of Semaphore Power

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We can say with certainty that the vast majority of diets, despite having different characteristics, are united by a minimum common denominator: calorie reduction; so reduced that the body slows down to the point of stopping.
I confess to you a secret: "Eating too little or Eating too much is the same thing, in both situations you get fat".

Strange isn't it?

The main difference is that when we eat too much, our body weight increases, so we immediately run for cover.
Instead, when we eat too little, a sneaky phenomenon occurs, we lose weight by gaining weight. That's right, the amount of body fat increases, as the weight loss is mainly due to the reduction of muscle tissue, therefore, to the slowing of the basal metabolism (calories burned at rest). Thus becoming a slow machine that will overload at the first attempt to increase calories.

Losing weight absolutely does not mean losing weight!

Does losing weight mean going from 80 kg to 70 kg, for example, without knowing what has been lost: water, muscle, fat or more?
Losing weight, on the other hand, means reducing those accumulations of fat scattered around the body which, not necessarily, must be accompanied by weight loss. 
Now I ask:
-Is it better to be 60 Kg and admire your own shapes in the mirror or to be 55 Kg without any shape?
Weight and fat don't go in the same direction!      
The traffic light power supply aims precisely at this goal:
Make you lose weight !!!!!!!!!!!
Contrary to what is commonly said, body weight is one of the many parameters, it is not THE fundamental parameter to keep under control (different speeches should be made in cases of obesity).
The body weight during a diet can also remain more or less unchanged, making you lose, however, Circumferences, Diameters and Sizes. 

The strong point of this diet is the extreme simplicity and it aims, through an optimal organization, to give lasting results without too many sacrifices or sacrifices.

Logically, any change in daily habits is not frowned upon by our body and our mind, but I assure you that after a few weeks with this diet you will never want to abandon it.
Who says chocolate makes you fat? and cookies?
Everything will be granted.
There is no harmful food - fattening, it is the excess that makes it so. 

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