The new aesthetic medicine treatments for weight loss and a toned body

    The new aesthetic medicine treatments for weight loss and a toned body

    Sculpt muscles, burn fat, tighten skin, eliminate cellulite. These are the goals you can set yourself, in order not to succumb to the pandemic tension and also think a little about yourself. A pinch of healthy selfishness does not hurt and, anticovid regulations permitting, it is always an opportunity to give yourself one "Cuddle" by the aesthetic doctor which, with its fan of minimally invasive treatments, will propose the one that best suits your blemishes and, why not, your wallet.

    In this respect, the moment is good: "packages" offered at super discounted prices and great flexibility of schedules on both sides: both on the medical and on the private front, since working at home in smart working mode allows you to better manage time free. Do you want to find out what is boiling in the magic pot of beauty?

    There are many news because aesthetic medicine never stops, even in the time of the Coronavirus. And there is a great desire to heal and reconcile with the mirror, in spite of catastrophes. Here, then, is a focus on new high-tech body treatments, some of which presented at the Congress organized in October by the Agorà School of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan.

    • Fight skin laxity

    Is called Endymed and represents the last frontier of radiofrequency, able to ensure a firm and smooth skin. Allows a body contouring targeted to areas that tend to relax over the years, such as the arms (defined as "bat wings" or "pelican beak" precisely because they form a leather pocket under the arm), the inner thighs , the abdomen, the culotte de cheval or the “curl that forms above the knee.

    «Endymed technology uses the fractional radiofrequency which, thanks to a powerful but controlled thermal effect, regenerates the collagen fibers of the dermis ", explains the doctor Stefania Enginoli, aesthetic doctor in Milan. «The fractional adjective refers to the fact that the wave beam is not uniform, but it is broken down into many microcones that strike the skin in a checkerboard pattern: a yes and a no dot. Thus the areas affected by the heat (which on the skin is 40 ° C but also reaches 52 ° C inside) are alternated with undamaged areas, which act as a “biological reserve” for tissue repair ».

    Endymed uses two handpieces: the first has six radiofrequency dispensers, to distribute thermal energy evenly and recreate a three-dimensional electromagnetic field. Passed on the area to be treated, it allows a superficial resurfacing of the epidermis, which stretches thanks to the contraction of the elastic fibers. The second handpiece, on the other hand, has a stronger action. In addition to delivering fractional radiofrequency, it hides 25 gold-plated microneedles that rhythmically penetrate the skin to a depth of 3,5mm. All without pain because the transition is so rapid that it is not felt.

    «The function of microneedles it is twofold: on the one hand gold acts as a conductor of electromagnetic waves, on the other it stimulates the dermis thanks to microneedling », says Enginoli. «The combination of the two actions, physical and mechanical, activates the skin metabolism and firming of all loose areas».

    The cost goes from 200 to 500 €.

    • Eliminate accumulations of fat

    Once upon a time there was old-fashioned liposuction, which used large suction cannulas: while they violently "sucked" the fat, they broke vessels and capillaries, causing hematomas and post-operative swelling that lasted 3-4 weeks. In the sign of minimally invasive, the low pressure liposuction.

    What is it about? "First of all, very thin cannulas are used, 2,5 mm in diameter instead of 4 mm", replies Professor Sergio Noviello, specialist in microsurgery and director of Milano Estetica. "To reduce trauma, the pressure with which the adipose tissue is aspirated is halved (one atmosphere instead of two), while the tip of the cannulae hides eight or ten tiny holes, patented to aspirate adipocytes at 360 degrees instead of from a single hole. A trick to acquire more fat with fewer steps, reducing the mechanical "to and fro" movements of the cannulae, which traumatize the structures around the fat pad ».

    Furthermore, before and after aspiration, a very thin cannula with a vibrating tip is fanned out, whose oscillations break the fibrous shoots and make the processed tissue more homogeneous. This makes it possible to avoid skin irregularities and even depressions (real “holes”) left by the old liposuction techniques.

    «Performed in local anesthesia with light sedation, low pressure “lipo” is a risk-free outpatient method », continues Professor Noviello. «It allows you to suck up to two liters of fat from the buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen and double chin. The course is easy: ten days of elastic sheath (for the abdomen) or graduated compression stockings (for the legs) instead of one month. And the joy of immediately seeing the remodeled silhouette ».

    The cost? From € 3000.

    • Firm up with passive gym

    Muscle strengthening and body remodeling in just 25 minutes. A goal that can be reached even without entering the weight room. Thanks to Schwarzy, the new machine to show off the "turtle" and have high definition biceps and triceps, also used by sports champions of the caliber of Filippo Magnini.

    How does it work? "Thanks to FMS (Focused Magnetic Stimulation) technology, high intensity magnetic stimulation focused on the muscles", explains Dr. Paolo Bonan, head of dermatology and laser dermosurgery at the Villa Donatello in Florence. «The electrical stimuli produced by the magnetic field produce a“ supra-maximal ”contraction, that is, higher than that which can be reached under stress even by body-building enthusiasts. A supercontraction, in short, which is maintained up to 4-5 seconds, against the second of the voluntary contraction ».

    The session involves the application of two handpieces on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or arms. The treatment is painless because there is no electric current passing through the skin.

    "Six programs can be set according to your needs," continues Dr. Bonan. «For example, if a person is already trained, I will work on the white fibers that contract more but for less time. In cases of muscular hypotonus, on the other hand, I will begin to work on the red fibers, involved in a less acute but more prolonged effort. All this, with a passive commitment of about 20.000 contractions per session ».

    The merit of Schwarzy is that, by "pumping" the lean mass, he is able to indirectly reduce the fat mass too, for a cost of € 150 per treatment.

    Eliminate cellulite thanks to the massage of the rotating spheres

    Is called Endosphères and it differs from the others anti-cellulite treatments because it does not only work on the imperfection, but on its causes. It counteracts cellulite, loose or "mattress-like" skin from the inside because it energetically reactivates all the venous and lymphatic circulation.

    "The special handpiece, which allows you to work on the whole body, exerts a" compressive microvibration "that fights venous and lymphatic stasis, removing liquids and toxins", explains Professor Pierantonio Bacci, professor of phlebology and aesthetic medicine at the University of Siena. «The handpiece, in fact, is composed of a cylinder that rotates on itself and which is equipped with 55 silicone spheres arranged in a“ honeycomb ”. Vibrating at a variable frequency, these spheres generate a rhythmic and pulsed massage, with five synergistic actions: drainage, improvement of the microcirculation thanks to a real vascular gymnastics, breakdown of fat, toning of muscles and tissues, as well as reduction of the notorious " Orange peel"".

    A “multitasking” treatment which, thanks to the oscillatory action of the spheres, gives excellent results from the first session.

    Each session it takes about 45 minutes and costs € 80: gives immediate effects and the feeling of putting wings on your legs. Truly surprising results, which have obtained international recognition and which arise from the inventiveness of an Abruzzese family (from Montesilvano) with the passion of bioengineering, handed down from father to son. Gianluca Cavalletti, general manager of Phoenix Group, has in fact designed a tissue compression system which exploits the active resistance of the muscles. The idea that guided him was to create something alternative to traditional dermoaspiration techniques which, by "sucking" and pulling the skin, are traumatic for the venous and lymphatic vessels, leaving bruises and broken capillaries. The "cylinder" patented by him, on the other hand, is a miracle of effectiveness and great delicacy.

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