The meaning of life is what we want to give it

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The meaning of life is what we want to give it

We often forget why we are in this world and what we want to do with our life. What sense we want to give to our existence depends on us.

Last update: December 16, 2021

At a certain point in our life or in several moments we come to question ourselves about the meaning of our existence. We live day to day so fast that we don't have the time to stop and think about ourselves, about the meaning of life.

It happens to feel lost in certain moments, think you have made a mistake or are living without reason. The feeling of emptiness should not be negative, but a turning point that leads us to reflect on what we want and how to get it.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

-Viktor Frankl-

What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is a hotly debated topic in many areas throughout history. Philosophers, writers, scientists, theologians have tried to answer that great question, but in reality it is not possible to find a universal answer.

Si it is about looking within and questioning ourselves to find out what the purpose of life is. Psychiatrist and writer Viktor Frankl was interned in the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War.

That traumatic experience, together with his training, helped him to make a profound reflection on the meaning of life that he captured in various books, including the one entitled Man in search of meaning.

Dr. Frankl argued that life has meaning in all circumstances, because if you are able to make sense of adversity, you can turn your tragedy into a conquest , in a way to overcome it.

“Self-love is the starting point for the growth of the person who feels the value of taking responsibility for his own existence”.

-Viktor Frankl-

I choose the meaning to give to my life

One of the fundamental aspects regarding the meaning of life is that we don't have to look for that meaning outside of ourselves, in others, in circumstances that are beyond our reach, but only within us.

When we meet another person, the first thing we usually ask is what they do and not who they are. In this way we identify her with her activity, without finding out who she really is. The same thing happens to us, the right thing to do is not to ask ourselves what to do, but who I am.

Knowing ourselves and above all valuing ourselves is the basis for detecting the meaning of life. It is essential to take a moment to get out of the daily vortex and reflect on our abilities, our strengths, our defects. This will help us know who we are and who we want to be.

Each of us writes his own story, decides how to feel in certain situations and shapes his own existence day by day. But perhaps the secret is to stop and ask questions that show us our priorities.

“I consider the frenetic pace of life today as an attempt to self-medicate, albeit a futile one, from the frustration of existence. The more the man is unaware of the purpose of his life, the more his frenetic pace gives him ”.

-Viktor Frankl-

Questions to give meaning to life

To make sense of our life, we can ask ourselves thousands of questions because each of us contains a universe of answers completely different from those that others can provide.

It is that inner journey to obtain answers that will allow us to reach peace which we need.

  • What is the most important thing in my life? For some it will be the children, for others the job, their independence. There are millions of possible answers, but the one we give to ourselves will make us discover the meaning of our life.
  • If you were told that you are only three months old, what would you stop doing? This question allows us to change the perspective we have of our reality and to distinguish the superfluous from what is really important, to value things and people who really deserve it.
  • How are you really, who are you? It is essential to do a deep analysis of ourselves and to be honest in order to have the opportunity to change what we don't like, the ways of acting that we don't want to define ourselves.
  • How do you feel right now? Are you satisfied with the person you are today? Honestly recognizing our emotions and identifying the level of satisfaction with the people we have become is essential to cultivating the meaning of life.
  • What prevents you from changing, do you feel in control of your life? Wondering what role we play in our life is important to stop blaming others, take responsibility and become the protagonist of your own story.
  • What makes you happy? In what do you find fulfillment? These questions will raise questions about priorities, what makes you happy with your existence, such as helping others, learning something new, or spending time with loved ones.

It is an act of courage to be aware of what we want to change about ourselves and to begin the work of becoming who we want to be.

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