The magical power of the smile

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The magical power of the smile

Last update: 25 March, 2015

From an early age they teach us that adults must be serious and responsible. When we grow up, therefore, we believe we are mature because we are serious, realistic and we forget to dream. Looking around, we will realize that there are few times when we smile at a stranger and we forget that the smile is like a positive virus, which infects those around us and relieves tension.

When we smile at someone, we tell them many things, among the many that we like to share something with them and they, consequently, encode our message and smile in turn. It is precisely at times like these that negative thoughts are pushed aside. 

In the title we talk about the magical power of the smile and that's right, it is a natural reliever.  We smile when we are well, when we are happy and excited about something or some news and in an infinity of other situations that lead us to smile. 

The magic of a smile

The most important thing that a smile achieves when it is directed at someone is the transmission of the feeling of company, as if to tell the other that it is not only in the anthill of people who come and go in the middle of the street of a big city and that not even we are when we receive a smile in return.

Many conversations with people who know us start with a smile. This too is something magical, the feeling that causes us to smile and how important it is to do it when we have someone who suffers next to us.

Many times there are moments when words are not enough and can be replaced by a smile. A smile is capable of communicating that we are there for someone in a difficult and painful moment and, being contagious, it allows those around us to forget for a moment the pain they feel and laugh without realizing it.

Giving a smile is an effective gesture that can help people disconnect from the daily routine for a moment, as it takes us away from negative thoughts and changes our way of seeing things, as if we were passing from a negative to a positive pole.

If you decide to give smiles on a daily basis, you will see that the results will be infallible and truly magical!  Smile at the baker, at the supermarket cashier, at the bus driver and also at your office colleagues and you will understand that the smile is the engine of good emotions and positively infects the environment around you. 

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