The little things we should be grateful for every day

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The little things we should be grateful for every day

Last update: January 18, 2016

Sometimes it happens that, due to lack of rest or a pressing routine, it is more difficult to see the positive side of things, as well as to find reasons to move on.

You will certainly agree that there are days when the predominant color is black even if we don't like it, days in which we are forced to stay indoors without wanting to go out and live life.

Reflecting on this, one realizes that perhaps It's been too long since we've really appreciated ourselves and the little things we have. Those things that make the heart shine with love.

These are the little everyday things, like making a dream come true, loving those who love us, remembering unique moments of our life, having someone close to us who never stops teaching us, etc.

It can happen that we forget how these situations can make us happy and lucky. Sometimes, negativity prevents you from hearing and admiring them clearly.

To help you remember each of these individual details, you'll find a very useful list of 12 things we should be grateful for every day, so simple, but sometimes enough to feel good about yourself.

12 things we should be grateful for every day

  • Having your own personal space. Being able to count on your own space, where you can feel at ease and do what makes us feel better, in intimacy. Knowing that we have our own place, personal, allows each of us to free your mind and stop in a place of peace and tranquility.
  • Overcoming your fears. Improving as people makes us stronger, it serves to spur us on and make us shine with our own light. Celebrating our goals to overcome our fears, what stops us, is important even if we often forget about it.


 Blessed is he to whom heaven has given a piece of bread with no other obligation than to be grateful to him. "

-Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra-


  • Ask for forgiveness and be aware of being wrong. We must always be grateful for one of the most important aspects of our life, which is to be surrounded by people who love us sincerely, from the heart. Those people who are able to recognize their mistakes and learn from them for our good.
  • Unexpected surprises. It should be emphasized that it is not just about material goods. We are talking about emotional gestures. Attitudes towards us that fill our hearts.
  • Meeting a person full of hope and who wants to live life by our side. In a world where they teach us to prioritize material goods, meeting and getting to know people with rich hearts is a real gift. Learning alongside them is even more so.
  • Being able to enjoy the moments and learn to laugh at your mistakes. “Run, shout, enjoy, dance and laugh while you can. Don't take life seriously. After all, no one survives it ”.


"We thank the men and women who make us happy, they are the fantastic gardeners who make our spirits blossom."

–Will Rogers–


  • Being able to appreciate art. Our art is one of the most fascinating gifts to be grateful for. Discipline is not important, because each of them was created to allow man to get in touch with the essence of existence itself. It is the art that makes us feel alive and helps us to perceive that magic that too often happens to ignore.
  • Having a scientifically perfect body. Have you ever stopped to think about our anatomy and how our body works? It may sound strange, but try to think about the complicated process our body goes through digestion, for example, and be grateful for it.
  • Having the opportunity to eat and feed your family. Surely you already know that the living conditions of many are not as good as ours. Give thanks for what has been achieved with the effort It will also help you find a stimulus and fill you with gratitude.
  • Knowing how to learn from valuable advice and feel that your life has changed forever. It's great to be able to listen to others and learn from them. Without the others, our existence would have no meaning. We live for each other, don't forget that.
  • Love of animals. Our puppies are often the creatures who love us most without asking for anything in return. Of course you have to feed them, but let's be honest: the love of an animal is one of the purest and most wonderful sensations that can be experienced.
  • Feel love. This point encompasses all the others. Love is everything, regardless of the type of relationship or situation. Adding more in this regard is unnecessary, each of you will know very well the importance of this aspect.
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