The key to happiness

    The key to happiness

    The key to happiness

    Last update: February 18, 2022

    Happiness is closer than you think. It's not about achieving the goals you crave, that kind of instant, fleeting pleasure. True happiness, although it seems a utopia, it's in the little things.

    We normally take what we have for granted and seek something we don't have in order to get pleasure. Without realizing it, they taught us that happiness is in possession, and all the time in ads, advertisements and films they sell us the image that those who have more material things, who have a nice car, a nice house, are happy. latest designer and fashion dress, and so on.

    Reality is very far from all of this, even if money helps us to enjoy more material things and even if we may be fascinated by using something we like, it is something that it doesn't last very long because, for example, if you have the latest model of mobile phone released on the market, in the first months you will enjoy it to the fullest, but it will be something passing that will then lead to the need to have a new model to be satisfied since you were tired than what you had.

    The use of material objects is very fleeting and ambitious because you will never be completely satisfied. Each time you will need something more. On the contrary, the satisfaction you can get on an emotional level is not transient: it is proven that fixed happiness is found in the world of emotions. A rich person, if they do not have good friendships or a partner to be comfortable with, will be much less happy than a less well-off person who has a good social life in which he receives affection and support in a welcoming environment.

    We are social beings by nature and, although some need it more than others, happiness will be proportionate to the degree of emotional satisfaction we have. It is a paradox to know people who, when they are sad, isolate themselves from the external environment, thinking that their unhappiness is due to the bad performance of their finances. It is logical that if there is no money for basic needs unhappiness is lurking, it is a matter of survival, but isolating oneself from others makes the situation even worse.

    The only thing that can help us get out of this condition is sociability, whether they are friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues or anyone who is able to offer you support and an understanding environment. Many people with problems take refuge in good friendships and are able to continue their lives normally, while those who are alone aggravate the problems even more.

    We need to be in contact with others to be happy. Try to surround yourself with nice people and enjoy life by sharing it with others. Nothing happens if you don't have a porsche or a big two-story house why material things do not feed your soul. An infinite number of people sought happiness in materiality and then, after having had it all, they realized that they felt empty, that life is worth it when you have people who are worth it.

    Happiness is not achieved by a stroke of luck, as it happens a few times, but through small things that happen every day.

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