The intelligent woman knows she has no limits

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The intelligent woman knows she has no limits

She is not a possessive person, nor does she allow anyone to be possessive with her. In short, she is an intelligent woman!

Last update: January 14, 2022

For a long time, social beliefs have been handed down about the role women should play: looking after children and husbands, caring for the home and helping the elderly. But all of that is over and currently stands out the intelligent and independent woman who knows she has no limits.

An intelligent woman lives her life, takes on professional responsibilities, is independent, does not base her happiness on marriage or having children because she knows that her happiness depends on herself and not on third parties, he has learned to value and improve himself.

The intelligent woman and the couple

A study by several British universities published in the Sunday Times found that intelligent women tend not to marry, while brilliant men get married in 40% of cases.

The study was conducted on a group of 900 men and women. These volunteer participants underwent an IQ test at age 11 and 40 years later they were interviewed to find out who got married and who didn't.

It has been found that women attending university marry 40% less often. In the case of men, however, the probability of marriage increases by 35% for every 16 points of the IQ.

I dealt with the intelligent woman

There are some traits that characterize the intelligent woman, make her different from others and more attractive in the eyes of men.

However, several researchers from the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and the University of Texas (United States), argue that men feel intimidated by an intelligent woman.

To achieve great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only to design but also to believe. Anatole France

-Anatole France-

According to the study, from a biological point of view the men tried to mate with intelligent women because of the genetic advantages that come with it. The truth, however, is that in practice most men prefer not to date a woman who is smarter than they are.

The question we ask ourselves at this point is: what distinguishes an intelligent woman from others? Let's see them in the following lines.

Live in the moment

The intelligent woman learns from the past and waits patiently and calmly for the future. That's why she lives in the moment enjoying every word, touch, look, smell or taste.

The intelligent woman look in the eyes and listen because he feels he must take advantage of that moment in the company of the other person.

Like everyone else, she went through difficult times, but she managed to overcome them and became stronger. He learned not to make the same mistakes again and he knows what he wants to achieve in life.

Enjoy solitude

An intelligent woman does not feel alone because she does not have a partner, on the contrary she appreciates loneliness and independence. She doesn't tie her happiness of hers to other people, there her rich inner life allows her to enjoy moments of solitude.

"Loneliness teaches more than any company"

Moments of solitude are essential for every intelligent woman because they allow her to get to know herself, evaluate herself, reflect and know what she needs to improve on. Through these reflections, he manages to overcome challenges, to acquire motivation.

Not afraid of changes

Smart women aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone and face change. They are aware that changes bring opportunities and allow you to learn and live original experiences.

"A good girl knows her limits, an intelligent woman knows she doesn't have any"

-Marilyn Monroe-

If she doesn't like something in her life, she isn't passionate about work, her partner doesn't share an ideal of life or friends don't support her in her decisions, the intelligent woman reacts and tries to improve. She is active by nature.

He listens to his heart and knows how to say no

An intelligent woman knows that the voice of her heart and intuition is very important. She is also aware that when she has to make difficult decisions, the her body speaks to her and conveys the emotions aroused by each option. Information he does not neglect when making the right decision.

They are not afraid to say no and she knows there are times when she has to deny herself and set limits on others, so that they respect his personal space and his way of life.

She is not a possessive person, nor does she allow anyone to be possessive with her. In short, she is an intelligent woman!

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