The importance of vitamin D for health

The importance of vitamin D for health

Vitamin D deficiency is much more widespread than one might think since, by now, our life takes place indoors in rooms, offices, factories that have, as a light source, only electric light and not solar light, unique an important factor in the production and activation of this vitamin.

But even during the spring-summer the situation does not improve much because, in addition to spending our lives indoors, when we expose ourselves to the sun, we sprinkle ourselves with sun creams that inhibit the absorption of almost all of the UV rays, believing, without reason , that the sun is harmful and represents the cause of melanoma, a fact that has no valid scientific support except in particularly predisposed subjects.

To remedy this remote possibility, however, there is a reasonable middle ground: expose yourself to the sun without protection for at least 20-30 minutes and then sprinkle quietly with creams and sunscreens. In this way we are sure that we have made an adequate daily supply of vitamin D but we will not expose ourselves to other, albeit hypothetical, risk factors.

Some researchers claim that the autumn-winter season, with its lack of sunlight, is the most important cause of seasonal diseases, linked to a lower sun exposure, especially in the northern regions and countries.

In conclusion safeguard the immune system it is easy and difficult at the same time: easy because nature has always shown us the simplest ways and the right conditions to achieve and maintain health. The difficulty is that we systematically ignore them.


Vitamin D in disease prevention


How to supplement vitamin D.

The primary source of vitamin D. and the sunlight and it should be the first choice whenever possible (although recently cases of patients with difficulty in vitamin D synthesis are emerging even when exposed to sunlight).

Among the foods the richest is certainly theCod liver oil, followed by others fish, mushroom and dairy oils. But none of these foods allows you to reach an adequate level of vitamin D in the blood through the simple diet, so it is almost always necessary to supplement made with vitamin D3 supplements (cholecalciferol).


How to strengthen the immune system

To give strength to the immune system you need a good one hormonal balance in particular thyroid, an adequate amount of micronutrients (vitamin D, A, C, magnesium, selenium, etc.), a varied and healthy diet (avoiding refined sugars, hydrogenated fats, seed oils), some movement and a good one emotional balance (take pleasure in what you do and have a peaceful love life). Unfortunately, these goals are not always easy to achieve.


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Article taken from Science and Knowledge n. 50 - Long live the immune system


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