The importance of knowing how to enjoy life

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The importance of knowing how to enjoy life

Last update: February 23, 2015

Many people act and speak without worrying about the repercussions their actions will have in the future. And it is a good thing, but only sometimes: not always a bad action or experience will have no consequences. We must understand, therefore, that today's experiences will be tomorrow's memories. For this reason, if we know how to enjoy life and live enriching and pleasant experiences, in the future we will be able to look back and experience again the happiness that those positive memories generate.. And good memories are what keep us alive: it is being able to look back and immerse yourself in a world full of emotions, mostly positive, that will make us smile tomorrow.

Living means generating memories

The problem arises when we search our past and cannot find anything positive or what we find disgusts us. In any case, look hard: there is always something worth remembering. And the memories don't appear out of nowhere, they are created. Building a memory very often starts with ourselves: an experience, in which we are the protagonists, can be created. This means that sitting on the couch all day, without establishing relationships with others, will not help us build memories. The relationship with other people or the realization of activities is what will remain in our memory.

Accumulated happiness must not prevent us from seeking new experiences

However, despite all this, even good memories can, at times, be a poison for us. If nothing interesting has happened in our life for a long time, memories of past happiness can devour us. La nostalgia it is, in periods of social or amorous inactivity, a great enemy. In these cases, when we remember the good old days when we were happy, instead of feeling happy we feel sad, because this phase of our life is now a thing of the past and we cannot relive it. For this reason, we must continually feed our hunger for experiences. Of course not everything that happens to us will be positive, but pleasant experiences will remain in the drawer of our memories and will help us to move forward: they are the ones that will give us happiness and will to live.

There is no denying that, unfortunately, lost time does not come back. For this we must meet people, do different things, fall in love ... All to feed that hunger for life that accompanies the human being and makes us feel alive.. We must not allow ourselves to be caged by inactivity and continue walking around the circle of nostalgia. It will take us nowhere, and it will slowly devour us from within. We have to move forward, move forward, live.

Building memories, therefore, is in our hands. And we can start doing this today: why wait?

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