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The history of love

Last update: October 09, 2015

"Any relationship in which two people become one, results in two half people"

Wayne W. Dyer

Sometimes love is not what we believe, it is not a "I need you", but a "I prefer you". It is that personal and proper strength that only makes sense to two people. For this reason, in those nights when we reflect on it, we must bear in mind that keeping love alive is a very difficult task that largely depends on what we demand of it.

The idealized love, the love we have learned to admire is that of Disney films, soap operas, Romeo and Juliet, of "I would die for you and you would die for me". In reality, however, we don't have to die for love, we have to live loving and loving ourselves. Loving the person we are when we feel love, when we love and are loved, without excuses, chains, handcuffs and, above all, without haste ...

We have learned to worship the love of "once upon a time" without realizing that it is unbalanced and does not do justice to reality. It is precisely living in this error that makes us feel frustrated and throw away at the first difficulty the feelings that so much effort has cost us to give birth.

The story that we present to you today speaks of precisely this. No, it's not all roses and flowers, for love she cries, quarrels and dies. Loving and loving deceives and unleashes tides and shipwrecks on the high seas. However, since love is not just absolute happiness, it is not even all that we consider love.

"I will forge you," said the ax to the piece of iron as it smashed with all its might on one of its sides. With each stroke, however, it became less sharp, until after a while the tool could not stand it anymore, it was now unusable.

“Leave it to me,” said the saw as it stuck its teeth into the piece of iron, but they fell one by one.

"I'll take care of forging it," declared the hammer arrogantly, while laughing at his comrades who had failed to do so. After several blows, however, his handle snapped and his head fell off.

“May I try?” A small flame humbly asked. The three tools started laughing out loud, but they let her try, because they were sure she would fail too. However, that flame covered the piece of iron, never let it go, embraced it and burned it until it softened and gave it the desired shape. That little flame succeeded, while the other three powerful tools failed.

There are hearts in the world so hard that they are able to withstand the blows of anger, the teeth of hatred and the blows of pride and rejection. However, no matter how severe a person's heart, it will never be able to resist the invasion of love, because love is the most powerful force in the world.

Sometimes, along our way, we meet hearts of iron, forged in the cold of battle, which need the sweetness of love to become complete. It is in these moments that the wrong learning about what love can come to destroy it.

Wayne W. Dyer, in a dependent view of love, stated that "any relationship in which two people become one, results in two half people."

It must be said, however, that looking for one's "sweetheart" is an impossible or complicated task, because there are no "halves" for the world. If you embark on this quest, you will find nothing but frustration and pain. Whole people travel around the world, people who walk alone and who, at times, collide and start walking together.

Love is an art that must be understood. It is an art and as an art it is not measured with time, it is not a date and it is not just two bodies. It is a universal office which gives its services to all humanity. He is the child that we all have inside and that we must learn to care for and nurture so as not to destroy that part of us that keeps us alive, even when we are on fire.

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