The heart needs vitamins A, B and D: hugs, goodness and sweetness

The heart needs vitamins A, B and D: hugs, goodness and sweetness

Last update: December 09, 2016

The heart needs nutrients, and while it looks a little cheesy, I know mine needs vitamins most of all. Not just any vitamins, but groups A, B and D. To survive, therefore, I need hugs, goodness and sweetness.

Humanly speaking, I don't think there is anyone in the world who doesn't need it. The emotions that invade us feed on direct contact with others and they fill us when they come in the name of love. They are as necessary as breathing.

Any kind of love always includes these three vitamins. In fact, if you think of a feeling that is devoid of it, you are not talking about love, but about something that resembles you, but that is not able to complete as much as the true and shared feeling.

My vitamin A: hugs without measure

One of the most important vitamins the body needs is the one we absorb through hugs. These that unite the most broken parts of the soul and that help to put it back together again, so that it does not divide completely. Those gestures that make you feel less alone or feel less cold because they accompany and comfort.

“One smiled. She did the other one too.

They did not have the courage to merge in an embrace in front of the people,

but in just one second they said a thousand things in silence "

-Ildefonso Falcones-

I look for hugs without half measures, close and unbridled, because the ones that are worth the most are spontaneous and, at times, shy. I'm sure you and I both don't want premeditated or calculated hugs no matter how beautiful they may look from the outside.

They are vitamins that bring us many positive benefits. For example, they improve our mood, increase the body's serotonin, relax muscles, reduce blood pressure, fight nervous tension, etc.

My Vitamin B: Goodness of Heart

Like the previous ones, B vitamins are necessary: ​​they come from people who do the good. When the body is surrounded by good people with big hearts, ours is also more generous and beats with less fear.

A good person is pleasant and compassionate, willing to help without asking for anything in return: they are kind and generous. Consequently, I, who try to have this in life, easily fall in love with those who practice goodness with empathy.

Good people make my whole being better, and because of this, I recognize that I love them and appreciate them in my life. I always choose them as a source of learning, thanks to which I can grow every day.

My Vitamin D: sweetness with sincerity

Finally, vitamins A and B would be worthless if they were not accompanied by a small dose of sweetness. Affection and tenderness are able to manifest themselves in different ways: a caress, a smile, appropriate words ...

The affection and sweetness of others make us happy and make us feel loved, which is why they are indispensable for our body. This expression of affection and recognition allows us to see ourselves as special among the multitude and offers us the vitality enough not to collapse in the face of adversity.

"True affection is not what forgives our defects, but what does not know them"

-Jacinto Benavente-

Personality rejuvenates with affection because we see ourselves valued, appreciated and full of confidence. This vitamin is a balm for self-esteem, both if it comes to us and if it penetrates us. The important thing is that it is present in the air that surrounds us.

For all these reasons, don't stop feeding your heart. It is true that we need many other things to advance in life, but if the soul dies, the rest loses its usefulness. We try to provide you with enough vitamins so that it doesn't happen.  

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