The heart does not age, wrinkles appear only on the skin

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The heart does not age, wrinkles appear only on the skin

Last update: October 22, 2015

Years make the skin age, but only the loss of enthusiasm makes the soul age. Pain, doubts, mistrust and fear of despair represent the years that wrinkle the heart and lead the luxuriant spirits to darkness.

At 16 years old as well as at 60, in the human heart there is always the impulse to wonder, the sweet amazement in front of the stars, the desire for challenge, the childhood appetite for life.


It is said that a person does not age when their skin wrinkles, but when dreams and hopes do.. The truth is that no one ages for having lived a certain amount of years, but when they give up their spirit and their ideals.

Right in the center of our heart is a place called love. Life is the leaves that surround him and his flowers smell of beauty, of hope, of joy. All this forms a garden of experiences that we must cultivate and heal from time to time, allowing it to reach its maximum splendor.

Having seen various leaves pass through the calendar does not make us less able to love, to fulfill our dreams or to enjoy our life as a couple. Certainly, certain vices or manias are acquired which form part of a personality that time has solidified; however, it is not something negative: knowing how to live changes is also part of age.

Where some see old age, others see mature beauty. And there is more beauty there than in the 20s or 30s, when you are still fresh, when your cheeks are still pink and your lips are still plump. Forget about anti-aging creams, because getting old is inevitable, but growing old inside is at the discretion of each of you.

Accumulating youth is an art

“Leave me all the wrinkles, don't remove any of them. It took me a lifetime to get them ”.

(Anna Magnani)

It doesn't matter if your white hair starts to appear, if wrinkles appear in places on your face that you never even imagined, or if your body asks you for a respite every morning. What really matters is that you accumulate experiences and that you are aware that growing is mandatory and that, therefore, not even a second of your life should be wasted.

The vigor of a young spirit is not found only in a stage of life or in a certain age: the youth is not an era, but a state of mind. We try so hard to seek the elixir of eternal youth, while we should seek eternal vitality.

Accumulating years is the best thing in the world, because it means that we are alive and that we still have the opportunity to gather experience and knowledge.

Having a young spirit means that there is still love for adventure, mixed with the temperance of a character who contemplates life calmly and who already knows how to distinguish between ephemeral and essential.

The important thing is not to add years of life, but to add life to years

"Get older with me, the best is yet to come!" (Robert Browing)

People who add life to their years have long since eradicated the phrase "I can't" from their minds and know that, if they are convinced, age is not an obstacle.

They have no wrinkles in their hearts, because the soul does not wrinkle, but grows and enriches itself. Perhaps our face will be filled with the signs of aging, but our eyes will continue to transmit the spark of those who know that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Never lose hope, even if you feel your strength is failing. Allow the passing years to leave marks on your skin. Be thieves of time, in order to make every moment eternal. Never give up the pleasure of remembering.

Take care of your precious memories, but don't live on them. Face your present with strength and courage. Show off your age. Remind your skin of all the smiles you've indulged in. Win respect and bewitch life. After all, you are on a fantastic journey of no return.

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