The healing power of apple extract

The healing power of apple extract

Apple extract for menopausal women 

We introduce another very powerful extract that helps both women of childbearing age and those undergoing menopause, a very special period that must be seen as serenely as possible, as it is a transition phase, one of the transition phases that women they go through during life. 

La apple we know he is a bit of a scavenger of the intestine. But perhaps few have heard of the florizine. It is a molecule contained in the peel of the apple. This molecule is capable of adjust the cycle, help women experiencing menopausal hot flashes, avoid bloating, abdominal bloating and nausea. In summary, what this substance accomplishes is rebalance hormones and wipe out any intoxication.

With menopause, some women may tend to gain weight and feel hot flashes all over the body. There are supplements based on soy isoflavones and of this particular apple extract. The integration between the two components is not accidental; isoflavones of soy are by far the most similar phytoestrogens to female hormones. There florinzina promotes the absorption of isoflavones directly in the intestine, regulating not only the hormonal activity but also the cardiovascular system and for this reason it is also a valid ally in case of cellulite.   


Apple extract and colon health 

As we know, the intestine is the reservoir of emotions. Stress management is closely linked to the well-being of this organ. The apple, in case you are suffering from constipation or diarrhea, colic or inflammatory states of irritable bowel syndrome, is a natural "firefighter"; completely restores the intestinal flora. Recent studies confirm this remarkable effectiveness: science confirms that the intestine reacts well even in the case of serious diseases such as cancer. Apple oligosaccharides killed up to 46 percent of human colon cancer cells in vitro and surpassed the most commonly used chemo drug. This was demonstrated by the Xi'an University researchers in China.

The researchers isolated the polysaccharides (fiber pectin and others) from dried apple and treated them with natural pectinase to break down their molecules into small oligosaccharides (which only have 3-10 units of sugar per molecule). The oligosaccharides were only subsequently added to HT29 colon cancer cell culture, at various concentrations, and compared with the most commonly used colon cancer chemo drug.  

The results are obvious and talkative. Just think that at just 0,9 micrograms per mL (about 0,9 PPM), the oligosaccharides killed 17,6 percent of cancer cells after 36 hours, while the chemo drug killed only 10,9 percent (at a higher concentration of 1,3 micrograms per mL).

Let's not forget an important "detail": the oligosaccharides of apples they are not toxic for healthy cells and can be used at the highest possible concentrations. At 9,0 ppm, the oligosaccharides killed 46 percent of colon cancer cells (the chemo drug was not tested at this level). 

Another very powerful food is apple cider vinegar: it contains a good share of minerals, in particular potassium, and vitamins. Apple cider vinegar, when used regularly, has diuretic properties and helps burn excess fat. It has a remineralizing action, in addition to anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.


Properties, calories and nutritional values ​​of apples


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