The foods to have skin and hair at the top

    The foods to have skin and hair at the top

    We are what we eat, said the German philosopher Ludwig feuerbach. And he was absolutely right. What we introduce into our body every day (food and drink) has a direct influence not only on ours health and on our mood, but also on ours appearance. This is remembered by the French naturopath Émile Hébert, author of the new book Beauty Food (see at the end of the article).

    Why spend astronomical sums on products of beauty what if we persist in eating badly? We certainly do not want to invite you to make a clean sweep of creme, detergents and shampoos.

    However, we took a cue from Dr. Hébert's testimony to offer you one tailored beauty strategy for every small imperfection. «For years I have had skin problems (hypersensitive skin) associated with hair loss»Says the naturopath.

    «As I researched, I discovered that some dietary rules they can give surprising results: reduce the inflammations that make the face redden, give one as a gift
    shiny and full-bodied hair, prevent the appearance of wrinkles».

    And the good news is, it's never too late to change that diet. Here, with the help of Dr. Maria Papavasileiou, nutritionist in Milan, which foods to focus on to solve your (or your) imperfections.

    Fresh fish and juices for dry and sensitive skin

    In winter it is a great classic: the skin is red, rough to the touch, dehydrated (with wrinkles and fine lines sadly in evidence). According to Dr. Papavasileiou: «It is crucial to guarantee the body adequate fluid intake, consuming seasonal fruit and vegetable juices and reducing the intake of sodium and refined sugars that “divert” what we drink to the kidneys, removing them from the blood and cells ».

    Excessive dryness is a sign that yours skin it is not producing enough sebum. "Thus the hydrolipidic film thins and is no longer able to retain water", explains the French naturopath.

    To give back tone and elasticity to the epidermis, focuses on essential fatty acids Omega 3, which also have a high anti-inflammatory power. On the menu space for sardines, salmon, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, wheat germ and, possibly, seaweed.

    Broccoli and legumes for combination and oily skin 

    «Excessive oiliness of the skin is often due to one food or hormonal imbalance», Says Dr. Hébert. Hence his warning: «Avoid the consumption of industrial products, for example sweet and savory snacks and fizzy drinks », he warns.

    "AND focus on foods rich in copper, which regulate the production of sebum thanks to their antibacterial properties. Among these do not forget cashews, dried apricots, chickpeas, lentils and coconut. Ok also to those containing zinc (wheat germ, soy and dried beans) which have an immediate antioxidant and purifying action.

    The extra advice? Start the day with a glass of water and lemon juice freshly squeezed. And remember that broccoli and Brussels sprouts have a balancing action on hormones and help reduce the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

    Sweet potatoes and green tea for mature skin

    Maybe you don't know, but hyaluronic acid, widely used in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, is naturally produced by our body, and is effective against aging, because it stimulates the production of collagen.

    «Numerous researches have shown that a rich diet di fruit and vegetables (in particular of starchy root vegetables), allows the cells to continue synthesizing this powerful anti-aging despite the age that is no longer very young », says Dr. Papavasileiou.

    "If you have more than 50 years, do not give up on the consumption of sweet potatoes, green peppers and soy. Also recommended foods rich in catechins (which mitigate the formation of wrinkles) such as green tea and cocoa. Finally, thumbs up for the phenolic acids contained in turmeric, pecan nut and pomegranatea and, conversely, thumbs down for caffeine and simple sugars.

    Brewer's yeast and maple syrup for brittle hair that breaks 

    "The brittleness of the hair", Explains the nutritionist," it may be due to a diet lacking in proteins, vitamins(remember that those of group B favor the activity of hair follicles) and minerals ". Where to find these substances? Stock up on whole grains (such as spelled and kamut), legumes, eggs, and meats.

    According to Émile Hébert, a miraculous remedy is the brewer's yeast: activates cell renewal and should be taken especially during seasonal changes (as a supplement, or in flakes to flavor soups and salads).

    "In the diet for strengthen hair not even important minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium and copper must be missing ”, explains Dr. Papavasileiou.

    «Their presence favors the keratinization processes and hinders thinning. Also try to replace the normal sugar with the least caloric agave syrup: rich in minerals and trace minerals, it will give you a more voluminous and stronger hair ».

    As a beauty remedy, the naturopath Hébert suggests more a scalp massage (a "land" that must be cultivated, even if we often tend to forget it) with castor oil: the top to stimulate oxygenation.

    Almonds and whole grains for oily or dandruff hair

    “This problem is usually caused by inflammation of the skin, which reacts by producing oily or dry scales», Specifies the naturopath. Often upstream there may be digestive disorders or hormonal imbalances.

    "Excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids, fried foods and refined sugars it can increase both the inflammatory state and the composition of cell membranes, further aggravating the problem », underlines the expert.

    How to do? According to Émile Hébert we must opt ​​for vegetable oils as a condiment. Furthermore, vitamins E (in black rice and almonds) and A (in pumpkin, sweet potato, red cabbage and broccoli) must be made friends, both with a sebum-regulating action.

    As Dr. Papavasileiou recalls: «In case of dandruff it is also important keep insulin under control, favoring foods with a low glycemic index, such as whole grains, and increasing the intake of Omega 3 fats, contained, as we have already said, in oily fish, salmon and oil seeds ».

    Citrus fruits and grains for dull and dull hair

    If the hair has lost its shine it is essential fill up on antioxidantsie improve hydration. «I recommend drinking citrus extracts of
    season, consume berries (raspberries, blackberries, mirrtilli) e pomegranate »Suggests the nutritionist.

    Get in the habit of preparing too hot soups with a detox effect, to eliminate toxins (which contribute to making the hair opaque).

    Finally, focus on vitamin C (kiwi, oranges, peppers, tomatoes): it strengthens the body's immune defenses and in addition gives shine to the hair ", concludes the expert. 

    Fresh off the press

    In the book Beauty Food recently published (Red editions, 126 pages, 13 €) you will find many tips, recipes and remedies to prepare at home to take care of yours
    skin and your hair 

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