The feeling par excellence in life is love

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The feeling par excellence in life is love

Do you put love in everything you do, think and desire? Offer love freely and allow yourself to receive it. Because authentic love doesn't hurt, it transforms us and pushes us to get the life we ​​want by filling every set goal with enthusiasm and passion.

Last update: May 07, 2022

The feeling par excellence in life is love. No reality defines the human being as that filter that illuminates everything.

With it we express ourselves, we validate others and they validate us, we form alliances, we care for each other and we dream. Because everything that surrounds us can be conjugated with the verb "to love", even if we are not always aware of it.

Let's imagine a person who leaves the house to go to work. Most likely he will greet someone: the partner, the children, the parents, the pet… Love is present in all these actions.

On the street he sees an advertising poster, whose marketing strategy is to arouse emotions, like those of someone who gives a perfume to a loved one.

He arrives at work, dedicates himself to that profession which is also the passion of his life. Doing and dedicating ourselves to something we love comforts us and gives meaning to our existence. Hours later, the person receives a message from his best friend, that companion of joys and sorrows who writes to know how it goes. .

Love is the ink that describes all of these situations. It is this feeling that enriches us more than any other and brings out the best in us. Although it is often said that the brain is a purely social organ, in reality speaks the language of emotions, especially love.

The feeling par excellence in life is love

It may seem excessive to say that the feeling par excellence in life is love. It means to relate the word "love" with romance, with a relationship. Just understanding the aforementioned face of that multifaceted figure that is love is not enough.

Friendship, family, passions, self-love, admiration… Everything is contained in this alloy which, after all, has a great impact on thoughts, emotions and behavior. Loving is a subjective experience which can, however, be systematically analyzed in many daily actions.

Understanding this, being aware that this area can make our life more precious, is extremely important.

Love is an art, so it must be understood and practiced

In 1956 Erich Fromm explained in his book The art of loving that this feeling should be understood as an art form.

A similar perception subjects the human being to two obligations: to discover the essence of love, its meaning, its purpose; learning to love and this requires practice and good will. And we repeat, it is not limited to couple relationships.

The feeling par excellence in life is love because it permeates everything, transcends and, with it, as the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset said, reaches fullness.

The word "love" expresses multiple feelings

To love means to feel affection for someone, but it also describes tastes and passions (I love music, I love Murakami's books, I love walking in the summer rain ...). Feelings rooted in our person that show us the richness of this feeling.

The different ones tongues are the most wonderful example of that melting pot of signifiers of the word love. Let's make some examples:

  • Forelsket, a Nordic term that describes the euphoria we feel when we fall in love for the first time.
  • Retrouvailles, a French word that expresses the happiness we feel when we see someone we love again: a friend, a family member, a partner, etc.
  • Radljost, an Icelandic term that describes the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we love each other enough to trust ourselves.

The feeling par excellence in life is love: because love is action

This dimension is not passive; the feeling par excellence in life is love because it acquires meaning only through action. If we conceive it as a passion, it should invite us to dedicate ourselves to those activities that make us happy such as a job, a goal, a hobby.

Affection manifests itself by acting. In order for love for partner, family and friends to have an authentic meaning, we must put in place conduct that demonstrates it, that makes it appear as an authentic act of reciprocity.

On the other hand, and not least, self-esteem also requires courage, behave according to personal values, principles and desires, giving ourselves what we need and deserve.

Love makes us better

In an interesting research paper titled The New Psychology of Love, Drs Aron and Tomlinson describe this dimension as a highly significant mechanism by which we define our identity. And not only that: it also invites us to be better.

After all, thelove facilitates connection, interest in each other and the desire to generate good. When we love, we commit to something or someone and that offers a wonderful incentive to our existence.

Do not hesitate to observe reality through the filter of love. Activating it costs nothing and can be very rewarding.

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