The era of "I love you" without obligation

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The era of "I love you" without obligation

Last update: December 05, 2016

One day you have a person next to you and you realize that you have spent more hours together than agreed, that you have seen too many films, too many "I would not have experienced all this with anyone else", too many "I really like you, but without complications".

You realize that you are no longer just any human being to spend time with, and you lack air, you feel vulnerable. You realize that it is becoming a commitment and that, in this way, you can break, trample and hurt your heart, on which there are the scars of ancient battles… and this leads you to disappear before it is too late.

I don't want to commit, but ...

"I can't tell you I love you, darling, even though I try it because this makes me yours and I don't belong to anyone", many thoughts of the people around us are of this type. They want a full day and someone who completes them, but not too much to expose themselves. We tend to think that a relationship implies ceasing to be oneself, that it takes away freedom, that there are still many things to do and not all of them must be shared with the other, always the same.

It really is, in a certain way. There are people who do not want to live with another person, and it is permissible, but there are those who are simply afraid, fear of repeating past experiences, fear of committing oneself, fear of loving too much, fear of being judged by those around them and who cannot love without two or more glasses of wine.

Understand what kind of person you are

It's okay to take advantage of the moment without bonding with anyone, without the problems that come with giving your all to another person. If you are clear that you want this perfect one, you will head towards this path and, if it makes you happy, it will be the best decision.

However, if you are only afraid, do not be deceived, do not deceive anyone; learn to be alone and then observe what surrounds you:

  • Don't be afraid of commitment, it's just a decision to choose the option that suits you best, nothing else.
  • Not all the people you know will be the love of your life, make this clear.
  • He will not come on horseback or wait for you on a tower; one day you will just meet at work, look at each other and a month later you will like each other and begin to feel that you complete each other; and it will be just the beginning.
  • Then you will organize a romantic getaway, a trip, a weekend together and you will see that, not only are you in tune, but that you also share experiences and you will begin to be companions on this wonderful journey that is life.
  • You look at him / her and phrases like "It's you", "I love you", "I'm starting to love you", "How can you make me feel like this?" Will go through your head, but you think it's too early to feel what you feel and you prefer not to express it and, with a little positive selfishness, you keep it to yourself. The concept of compromise will be in your mind in a rational way.
  • You may realize that you are with a person you do not want to be your partner, who together are not what you expected. Either way, he has been a good life partner and he will leave you a life lesson with no hard feelings and no evil.
  • And if it "goes", don't worry because love will do its job and you will arrive where you are ready to go, perhaps much further than where you anticipated.

Choose your path, but without fear and without the shadow of your past

The conclusion is that love is not defined by fashions, trends, friends, the opinions of others, we define it with our interests and we just have to learn to let ourselves go beyond the boundaries imposed by our social network society. and hashtag.

Be happy with those you want to be happy with, without being stopped by the fear of repeating emotional disasters, of not being yourself anymore or of making a commitment; don't let these fears leave you feeling pure, bonding, or bonding with someone. Feelings are instinctive on a par with sexuality or protection, just look at how innate a mother's love for her child is; so SIT, LIVE and LET YOURSELF BE CARRIED.

This way, at the end of the day, you will know that if you sleep alone, with your partner or with a different person every night, it only happens because you want it to be.

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