The enormous importance of water

Our body is a very intelligent system, nothing ever happens by chance.

It constantly tends to achieve homeostasis, or equilibrium.

Each chemical reaction serves a very specific purpose, especially to produce energy and eliminate waste substances. 

Since our body is made up of 75% water, chemical reactions often take place in an aqueous environment.

Think about how bad it is to fast: being completely without food certainly causes serious imbalances. If it already hurts to fast, it is still far worse not to drink.


In fact, if we suppose that we no longer drink, and therefore no longer introduce water into our body, where would it get it from?

  • Well, he would take it from himself: do you remember? our body is made up of 75% water! it would then begin to attack tissues, destroying cells from which to extract water and that would cost a lot of energy. Not to mention the ailments due to the dehydration it would cause.

  • if you have a mild condition, such as a headache, try drinking half a liter of water first, as it may be caused by dehydration.


What can be a way to see if we are dehydrated?

  • The more the urine is yellow, the more dehydrated we are: the urine should be practically transparent or almost


How Much Water Should You Drink?

  • at least 2 liters or even 3: the quantity also increases depending on how many toxins we introduce into our body, or how many other liquids other than water we introduce.


But if we don't get thirsty how can we drink all this water?

here we are talking about the stimulus of thirst, pay attention: when our body needs to reintroduce water, it gives us the stimulus of thirst, nothing easier.

why then do many people get too thirsty? Because many drink other drinks instead of water.

We reiterate the concept: if the body gives us the stimulus of thirst it needs water, no wine, no beer, no super sugary fruit juices, no fizzy drinks, no tea or coffee etc.

It is true that water is also contained in some beverages and in some foods, however it is not "free", but linked to other substances with chemical bonds and to extract the water contained in other beverages the body would have to waste energy to split these ties and extract it.

Here's what happens like this:

we have the stimulus of thirst, but we do not introduce water, but for example beer; the body gives us a second chance and then gives us again the stimulus of thirst, to tell us that it needs water.

At this point we instead have a drink, even worse: to extract the water and digest all the substances that are in the drink, the body will have to burn even more energy! and going on like this, if every time we drink something that is not water, we do something that is counterproductive: instead of using water to produce energy, we burn a lot of energy to extract water from other drinks.

The body thus reacts by taking away the stimulus of thirst, because if we have it, we drink quite the opposite.

So how do we get the correct thirst back?

There is a real recipe, but in order for the body to re-learn to give us back the thirst, this recipe must become a habit. To make it a habit, we must practice it for at least 21 days, or rather a month:

  • as soon as you wake up, immediately drink 2 glasses of water

  • always keep the water with you and drink a few sips often during the day

  • drink 2 more glasses of water before bed

  • FUNDAMENTAL: always drink a little water immediately after drinking something else: in this way, if by chance you drink substances that are not very good, the water will dilute everything, decreasing the damage and then in this way the body knows that if it gives us the stimulus of thirst, we will in any case introduce water

I assure you that by doing so you will notice that you will be constantly thirsty and your urine will be much clearer and clearer.

It can also be an excellent thing to do for the well-being of the skin:

  • if the skin is dry it means that it is dehydrated: moisturize is a chemical term and it means providing water. So besides creams, there is nothing better than drinking lots of water.

  • if the skin is oily or with pimples, it needs to be purified: and water helps a lot in purification


Which water is best to drink?

The waters are not all the same, first of all you should drink natural water:

  • we take into account that our body is made in such a way as to assimilate useful substances and discard those that are waste, which are harmful. By breathing, for example, we bring oxygen and in return we expel carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide hurts and must be expelled, it is clear that we should not drink it, drinking carbonated drinks!

Secondly, we must pay attention to the label. Fortunately, in the country we have the chemical analyzes of the water we drink, which are reported on the label.

  • pay attention to the fixed residue at 180 °: by evaporating all the water at 180 °, in fact, a residue always remains. Here, this should not be higher than 100 mg / l (I said milligrams, not grams! There are waters that have 1000 and maybe they report it in grams, writing 0,1 g / l)

  • do not underestimate the pH: we know that an acid pH is bad, and an acid pH is obtained from a value below 7;



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