The enemies of productivity

The enemies of productivity

The enemies of productivity waste our time and frustrate our efforts. In this article we look at them 7. Recognizing them will help us avoid them.

The enemies of productivity

Last update: 10 September, 2021

The enemies of productivity lead to taking longer than necessary in carrying out work duties or wasting resources and efforts to achieve a certain goal.

Being productive is beneficial for the worker and the organization they work for. For the worker it is important, because it allows him to save energy. For the organization it translates into the achievement of objectives without unnecessary waste of resources.

However, often it ends up being unproductive, without even knowing why. The cause could be linked to one of the 7 great enemies of productivity that often go unnoticed; while having a big impact on our work. What are they and how do they affect us? We talk about it in the next lines.

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can do something complicated. It's hard to keep it simple ”.

-Richard Branson-

The 7 great enemies of productivity

1. Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation is one of the biggest enemies of productivity. When you do not feel interest in what you are doing and do not perceive its value, you do not commit yourself. In other words, you don't do your best to do things efficiently.

In some cases, the reason is related to the fact that the company does not offer enough incentives. Or, to personal difficulties that interfere with the worker's motivation. In both cases it is a problem to be analyzed in order to correct the distortions of the case.

2. Lack of organization

Organization and order are essential to avoid wasting time. There is no point in spending 40 minutes looking for a file or sheet that you don't know where it is, which is why, being tidy and organized at work is essential.

For this to be possible, however, there must be order both physically and mentally. The physical order consists in the organization of the materials with which one works; while mental order is achieved through the planning of tasks and activities. planning can save us two hours lost due to the clutter.

3. Poor communication

The ideal would be to always establish open, clear and respectful communication. On the contrary, if a worker feels that he cannot freely express his ideas and initiatives, he will probably feel a strong demotivation. Similarly, if the tendency is to talk about things "secretly", the general atmosphere will be tense and unmotivated.

A frank and respectful communication, on the other hand, makes us feel more involved and involved in corporate decisions. In addition, it facilitates relationships between colleagues and consolidates the sense of belonging. Therefore, it results in greater commitment.

4. Toxic work environment among the enemies of productivity

The corporate climate, in addition to the relationships between colleagues and superiors, also includes the physical environment. When it's positive, motivation becomes contagious, as do constructive attitudes and positive relationships.

On the other hand, when the atmosphere at work is negative, the environment is characterized by widespread disinterest, mental laziness and lack of commitment. To create a positive atmosphere it is necessary that each one does its part and that the state of the structure in which one works is in good condition.

5. The 7 big enemies of productivity: grueling working hours

Overwork is one of the biggest enemies of productivity. Some people are convinced that to get more results you have to work hard. Instead, reality shows that the exact opposite occurs.

Long working days cause fatigue, which inevitably affects productivity. The body and mind need breaks and rest to recover their full functionality. If not, we begin to be careless, clumsy and repeat mistakes after mistakes.

6. Bad relationship with the boss

Who has never had a bad boss? It is often defined as such because it behaves in an overbearing manner, gives contradictory orders or always tries to catch subordinates. Or, because on the contrary it is an absent boss, that you never get an answer.

The main difference between leader and boss is that the former inspires, while the latter gives orders. Of course, those who are able to inspire tend to motivate and engage.

While those who limit themselves to imposing orders, leads only to passive obedience. The latter contributes to making us less productive.

7. The 7 great enemies of productivity: social networks

Social networks have turned into bitter enemies of productivity, as they take up and take away valuable time at work. The worst part is most of the interruptions dedicated to this activity aren't even particularly constructive.

We are so used to paying attention to notifications - regardless of their real importance - that we stop everything to take care of them.

According to some studies, it can take up to 2 to get that back we were doing before the break.


Reflecting on the factors that affect our productivity is very important. On the other hand, these are aspects that are largely easy to modify and which, once corrected, would allow us to be more productive and efficient. It is worth taking this into account and changing them if necessary.

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