The end of a story: 4 signs

The end of a story: 4 signs

Love is wonderful, but sometimes it doesn't last forever or isn't enough to keep a relationship going. Some elements tell us when the relationship is winding down.

The end of a story: 4 signs

Last update: July 26, 2022

Guessing the end of a story is not easy since most of the time one refuses to see reality. No one is willing to accept overnight that the bond has come to an end, that there is no turning back.

It is dizzying to face reality and the feeling of personal failure that usually comes with it. As a result, we tend to believe that our value and success depend on having a person by our side.

Society is built to live as a couple, so having a partner is desirable, what is expected of us and what we feel we have to do. Too often we carry on relationships that deep down we know have long since ended.

How to recognize the end of a story?

1. Feeling frustrated or dissatisfied

When the relationship began, surely being with the partner was synonymous with ecstasy, happiness and fulfillment. Every second at his side was a gift, an opportunity to discover this fascinating being in more depth.

However, and without knowing how, over time that feeling has changed and the fullness has given way to a small emptiness that one tries to hide from oneself.

Over time, aspects of the person have been discovered that they did not like very much, opinions and values ​​that do not coincide with their own.

It is normal and healthy, it is unrealistic to try to maintain the level of involvement, admiration and dedication of the early stages. However, when the relationship offers no joy, dissatisfaction and frustration become traveling companions.

Often feeling disappointed, sad and helpless in the face of your partner's behavior indicates that it is time to end the relationship. You may need to adjust your expectations if they are unrealistic, but never settle for a relationship that makes you unhappy. We deserve the best.

2. There is no enthusiasm

Due to social pressure and lack of affection, many people decide to be together for the wrong reason: not out of love, but out of fear of loneliness.

At first the other person seems like the solution to all problems, but it will soon become clear that the enthusiasm was momentary. If you don't have true affection, affinity and connection, it will be impossible to strengthen the relationship.

The purpose of a romantic relationship is not to fill gaps or to be the result of routine and inertia. The couple must enrich and motivate. If we feel indifference, we have to ask ourselves if we stay together for simple routine and comfort

3. If trust fails, the end of a story is near

On many occasions there is love and enthusiasm, but an essential element is missing: trust. It may have broken due to a lie, betrayal, infidelity, or any misbehavior on the part of the partner.

O perhaps the relationship was never based on this value because one of the two (or both) did not feed it.

If trust fails, jealousy, suspicion, demands and suffering arise. It is imperative that the partner be a trustworthy, open, sincere and honest person. Trust is part of the fundamental respect needed in any healthy bond.

If the relationship makes you feel insecure, it forces you to always be alert, it would be better to prioritize your well-being and put an end to it.

4. Communication is unhealthy when the end of a story is near

Communication is essential in a couple. Conflicts, disagreements or discrepancies will be inevitable over time. But thanks to fluid and assertive communication, the bond will strengthen.

In reverse, when both cannot communicate with respect and affection, the relationship is doomed to end.

Offensive words, reproaches, silence or indifference are not good communication strategies. If you want to keep the relationship going, both of you will need to work on assertiveness. But if one of them refuses to carry out the work of reflection and change, sooner or later the situation will be unbearable. The end of a story is already marked.

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