The elephant who lost his wedding ring, story to reflect

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The elephant who lost his wedding ring, story to reflect

Last update: Augusts 29, 2020

Today we tell you an ancient tale handed down from generation to generation and of which there are thousands of versions. Lelephant who lost his wedding ring it's a story for thinking. It tells of a remote place in the savannah where a beautiful young elephant of marriageable age lived.

He had not yet found an elephant that had stolen his heart. One afternoon like any other, however, he saw from afar a herd of elephants approach him and his family. Among them, he spotted a beautiful elephant that caught his interest.

The two herds joined and the elephant began to walk beside her. They began to converse and soon realized they had a lot in common. So, as the day went by, the two fell madly in love. Only after a few months did they tell the others that they intended to get married.

"Never despair, even if afflicted by the darkest evils, since clear and fruitful water falls from the gray clouds."

– Miguel de Unamuno –

Let's find out how the story of The elephant who lost his wedding ring continues.

A long-awaited wedding

The two herds of elephants welcomed the news with happiness. It had been a long time since a wedding had been celebrated and the two lovers were a wonderful couple. Some of the larger elephants gave the bride and groom a beautiful wedding trousseau, others thought of the perfect menu for the event of the year.

The male elephants took action to build a large hall to celebrate the wedding and the party. Everyone would have attended it and it would have been an unforgettable event. These were holidays in which all the elephants were pervaded by a festive mood.

In a flash the wedding day approached. The elephant in love commissioned a jeweler friend to make the wedding rings, on which he worked patiently creating two beautiful rings.

The elephant who lost his wedding ring: a ring and a story to think about

There was only one day left for the wedding when the elephant received the news that the rings were ready. As soon as she found out, he set off to his friend's jewelry shop, full of curiosity. He hoped everything was perfect.

When the elephant saw the rings, he was delighted. He complimented his friend on his excellent work and took them with the trunk, heading home. As he approached the stream, he thought that all he needed was the wedding dress now.

He was so distracted by this thought that he did not notice a huge stone lying along the path. Without even realizing it, he tripped and fell into the stream. It all happens so suddenly that the elephant in love had no way of avoiding the fall; when he checked his trunk, he realized he had lost one of the two wedding rings.

The loss and the search

The elephant fell into despair. He began to follow the stream in search of the lost ring. He dug from side to side, but it was all in vain: such a small object was hard to find. The farther he went in the search, the more the ring seemed unobtainable, and he became overcome with anxiety and despair.

An owl, intrigued, had observed part of the scene. "Calm down," he told him. But the story goes that hearing these words, the elephant stirred even more. He believed that the owl did not understand the reason for his concern. The wedding would take place the following day and there was no time to order a new ring. What would his girlfriend think of him? What would the guests think? All these thoughts filled the elephant in love's head as he continued to seek faith in the stream.

Then the owl said, “Listen to me, you need to calm down. It will all work out. I know what I'm talking about ". The elephant in love remembered that the owl was famous for its wisdom, so he decided to listen to it. He was completely silent for a few minutes. Soon, the waters of the stream calmed down, the sediments returned to settle and the light was able to penetrate to the bottom. Then, the elephant could see the ring and recovered it.

Thus it was that the young elephant learned an important life lesson. His desperation had generated strong currents in the water that had prevented him from seeing the ring. He thanked the owl for his teaching of him and returned home full of desire to celebrate that wonderful day. To us, the story of The elephant who lost his wedding ring has left an important story that invites reflection.

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