The diet for the summer: the thirst-quenching menu

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Don't overdo it with cold dishes based on cold cuts and cheeses. «They allow you to organize lunch (or dinner) in minutes. But have you ever thought about the sale and saturated fats that you can get to forfeit in just one week? »warns Dr. Carla Lertola, a dietician.

"As even cardiologists remind us, too much salt can promote hypertension and excess lipids cause arteriosclerosis. So try spending just a few more minutes to prepare a anti-heat menu really healthy and light. That you quench your thirst, guaranteeing you the right mix of nutrients you need to feel good ».

Cold is your ally - Below you will find the recipes thought by our biologist chef. You can have them in the same meal or enjoy them at different times. They are all a low temperature, to help reduce that of your body. And they have other even more important features.

«They contribute liquids, vitamins and minerals»Explains Dr. Maria Paola Dall'Erta, who developed them under the supervision of our dietician. «And they are prepared with "cooling" foods, diuretics and detoxifiers. That in addition to fighting the hot (and to hydrate yourself) they assure you more benefits ». Taste them. You will get your fill of well-being.

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