The characteristics of people who are victims of anxiety

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The characteristics of people who are victims of anxiety

Last update: February 28, 2016

Anxiety is one of the emotions most suffered by people. Anxiety and stress often turn into the cause of a feeling of malaise that is difficult to live with.

When we feel threatened, when we view things negatively or when we are under pressure, we are attacked from the worry and the desire to find the best solution to that particular problem.

"Free yourself from anxiety, think that what has to be, will be and will happen naturally."

-Facundo Cabral-

Anxiety is a normal reaction, but there are many secrets hidden within it. Those who experience it do not live a peaceful life and, what is worse, they are not understood by people who do not suffer from this disorder.

1. They need understanding

People with anxiety are sometimes identified as "crazy", and for this reason they feel misunderstood and cannot rely on the right relief valves.

This natural problem often finds no explanation. We suffer from anxiety without knowing why, as the influencing factors can be various. Exactly for this reason, Anxiety sufferers need understanding, of someone who listens to him without making judgments, reproaches or criticisms.

It is not necessary to understand what lies behind it, as those who have never suffered from anxiety will hardly be able to put themselves in the shoes of those who suffer from it. However, we can make sure that the person in question knows that we are there, that we are at his side. While it may not seem like it, it will be of great help.

2. They cannot escape from what is bothering them

If the cause of our worries puts us on the ropes and we feel trapped, how can we get out of this situation that only increases our nervousness? It is important to understand that those with anxiety did not choose it: this condition derives from a series of factors that persecute and block the person, giving rise to an emotional state that few understand.

No matter how hard you try to escape, it's impossible. There is no remedy for this feeling of discomfort that does not recede, like a shadow. The solution? The causes of your anxiety must be addressed. It is not possible to escape, it is necessary to trace the origin of the problem, find it and look for a solution.

3. They are crushed by even the smallest things

Anxiety feeds on our energies, and its power is capable of growing to the point of filling every single aspect of the life of the sufferer. It is easy to feel bursting in the face of the most insignificant events, those that in a normal situation would not cause any stress.

Why does this happen? Because those who suffer from anxiety are so overwhelmed by this emotion that, unable to fight it, he is forced to absorb it.

“You were born to be free, do not become a slave to anything or anyone. Don't allow anxiety to fill your life "

-Bernardo Stamateas-

4. They worry about "insignificant" things

People affected by anxiety cope in a state of utmost concern every mundane aspect of life, including the smallest details.

This shouldn't happen, yet the constant state of worry in which they are forced to live, leads these people to anticipate events, visualizing what could happen.

Their fear of suffering from anxiety leads them to imagine very negative scenarios, consequently increasing the anxiety itself.

This condition is very difficult to counter, and for this they need to surround themselves with understanding people. Their being constantly at the mercy of what could happen generates a state of strong anxiety, which in this case is nothing more than a way to prepare for the fear they know they have to face.

5. Their fears are real

Anxiety sufferers may be victims of seemingly incredible or hard to understand fears, but that doesn't mean they aren't true. Indeed, they are absolutely real; their presence in the mind generates that feeling that is impossible to get rid of.

When the anxiety sufferer is confronted with his fears, he believes he cannot control them. In fact, it is the fears that control the person, generating this state of constant worry and fear.

"You are a victim of your own mind"


Those who suffer from this problem will know perfectly well that the belief of not being able to control a situation or overcome a problem is that it actually prevents them from doing so. Everything we think, everything our mind believes in, will come true.

We must not allow it. We learn to understand the victims of anxiety, first of all ourselves, if we are. We do not run away from what generates anxiety, we rather go in search of the real causes. Only in this way will we be able to find a solution and face our fears. Are we prepared for this?

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