The Bulgarian Squat with Dumbbells | Execution and Benefits

The Bulgarian Dumbbell Squat: Execution and Benefits

Never skip leg workout! In this article we will talk about the Bulgarian dumbbell squat, an amazing leg exercise with huge benefits. It will allow you to increase muscle mass and strength, improve balance and train optimally the quadriceps, femoral and buttocks muscles.

Also will offer us a method for vary your workout and this will allow us to overcome any stalls and, why not, avoid the boredom of the usual routine. Finally, this exercise can be introduced into our training program as an auxiliary exercise after the classic barbell squat.

1. Proper Execution

To perform the Bulgarian squat we will need a raised support to be placed behind us, a bench or possibly a step are ideal. We place the left foot on it in order to have the leg off the ground, the other one instead we will place it in front of us at a distance such as to allow us to have the shin perpendicular to the floor during the squat movement.

Slowly we perform a squat until a 90 degree angle is formed between the quadriceps and the shin of the right leg, and until the left knee touches the floor, being careful not to place it on the ground. We return to the starting position by contracting the muscles of the right leg. Care must be taken to keep the spine straight and to perform the exercise with the right balance to avoid movements that are harmful to the joints and ineffective. Once we have completed all the necessary repetitions, we can change leg, then we will go to place the right foot on the bench and the left on the ground.

It is possible to perform this free body exercise for example by placing the hands on the waist, otherwise in the classic version with dumbbells, we can also use one handlebar only, grabbing it as is normally done in the goblet squat, in the center of the chest. Complete all necessary sets, in line with your training schedule.

2. The Variants

In the classic version just described, the squat movement will emphasize the training of the quadriceps. By varying the starting position, positioning ourselves further away from the bench behind us, we will stretch the hamstrings more and we will train the buttocks harder. Let's keep that in mind if this is our goal.

It is possible to use the barbell instead of the dumbbells but it is usually more uncomfortable and bulky.

It is also possible to place on the bench behind us, both the tip of the foot and the neck, the main thing is to take a comfortable position and perform the exercise correctly.

3. Common Errors

Let's see some common mistakes made while performing the Bulgarian squat with dumbbells:


  • Too short distance between the two feet: in this way during the squat we will tend to spread the knees outwards rather than go down straight and perpendicular to the floor.
  • Minimum distance from the bench behind us: this will not allow us to perform a correct movement.
  • Shoulders extended forward: in this way we will tend to curve the spine.
  • Overweight: using a load that is too high can cause loss of balance and possible injury.

4. Legs Training and Integration

Leg training can be particularly stressful for the whole body but especially for the joints such as the knees. Quality integration can make a difference and maximize results.

In addition to the classic daily supplements such as Omega-3, multivitamins and whey protein, I recommend a specific joint health formula such as our Joint Plus, a powerful supplement with exceptional benefits for those who train regularly, stressing day by day. the joints.

Furthermore, a pre workout like our Mypre will offer you the right boost for a hard workout like that of the legs, thanks to the content of Creatine, Caffeine, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals.

What about those sensitive to caffeine? No problem, at healthiergang you can find Impact Pump Blend, a stimulant-free pre-workout blend, designed for those sensitive to the ingredients commonly included in pre-workouts or for an evening workout without sacrificing quality sleep.

In conclusion

The exercise we have described in this article is great for lower body training and cannot be missing from your training program. Pay attention to the correct execution, follow a balanced diet integrating quality products and you will get enviable results! For more exercises and articles of all kinds, check out our ever-expanding blog!

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