The brothers: those best friends we didn't have to choose

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The brothers: those best friends we didn't have to choose

Last update: April 19, 2016

Our brothers are best friends we didn't have to choose. Those people with whom we have argued so often, who have disturbed us, ignored us and made us lose our patience countless times. But also those people who, despite everything, are always by our side, and for whom we too will always be there.

Whether it's positive or negative, sibling relationships are one of the most intense in any person's life, and one that goes through the most ups and downs. But, despite everything, there is a natural force that pushes us to feel unconditional love for our brothers, and that allows us to create a lasting relationship, which will accompany us throughout our life.

While not all sibling relationships are positive, siblings often stick together and share love, toys, and joys throughout their lives. becoming the protagonists of anecdotes that will remain forever etched in the memory.

A brother is a box of childhood memories and a log of how our dreams grew.

Having siblings is a great deal of luck on an emotional level

As we said earlier, the emotional benefits of having a sibling over the course of a lifetime are truly endless. Suffice it to consider that siblings can protect each other from loneliness, fear, or sadness.

Having siblings, therefore, is always good for children. And, of course, it is also for adults. During childhood and adolescence, having siblings helps us not to fall into the trap of selfishness, because coexistence and sharing help us to keep him away from us.

Even fights with siblings are emotionally beneficial, as they help us gain control over our emotions. They teach us to share, to be flexible, and to put aside such negative feelings as resentment and envy.

In addition, there are many other skills that we can develop when we share life with our siblings:

  • We stimulate our self-esteem
  •  We increase the ability to be generous
  • We become more patient
  • We avoid emotional problems in childhood
  • Let's drive away the loneliness

Of course, these skills can also develop as we grow up as only children, but in many cases having brothers or sisters makes us more willing to care for others and consider their needs.

What we learn thanks to the fraternal relationship

Love between brothers is not comparable to anything else. It is a relationship that leaves us endless and very sweet memories. It fills our memory with smiles, happiness and feelings of closeness. Their hands remind us of our games, and their gaze brings to mind the complicity that exists between us.

Unfortunately, not all brotherly relationships are positive, because some brothers turn into evil rivals who do not have feelings of love towards each other. It's very sad, but it can happen.

In this case, though sibling rivalry is a natural consequence of their condition, it was probably mismanagement of these feelings that caused negativity to paint black a relationship that, by its nature, should be wonderful.

In general, however, we can say that our brothers are our family. Despite the hardships, and even when time and distance have pushed us apart, a brother would do anything to see us smile.

Whatever happens, even when our branches divide, we won't forget that we share the same roots. Having cried, laughed and lived side by side unites us forever. Because what two brothers lived together cannot be forgotten. The looks of complicity, games and reconciliations will always remain in our memories, holding hands with unconditional love.

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