The best way to do your job well is to love it

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The best way to do your job well is to love it

Last update: Augusts 22, 2016

Dedicating a large part of our life to work is not a choice, at least for most people who need a job to meet their needs. Certainly the more we are able to see work as a possibility of enrichment, of learning or of relating with others, the less we will be able to see the time invested in it as time taken from our life.

A job that we don't like and that doesn't make us feel comfortable makes us feel frustrated which does not only concern the workplace. This malaise has all the requisites to expand to the family environment, relationships with friends, loved ones, etc.

To be able to evolve effectively, we must take pleasure in what we do, love the job we have as much as possible. It is possible to fulfill these expectations feeling fulfilled and not denied, putting desire and passion to the effort we make to complete our work.

A tough task in which there is hope

You may be thinking that it is easy to say, but much less to accomplish, especially when there are many expenses to pay and when there are not many opportunities for a career. Yet, on the internet, you will find many true stories of personal overcoming, which have to do with what we are telling you today.

Without going too far, for sure you know someone close to you who has a job with difficult conditions, in which, however, he has managed to find positive aspects, in which he has found an extra relief that goes beyond the economic reward.

"Hope is a good thing, perhaps the best of all, and good things never die."

-Stephen King-

It is difficult, but not impossible; for this reason, you will not have to lull yourself to the "can't", but to grasp the "could be": this will give you a push and will not let you fall, so you can keep trying. Meanwhile, it would be good to find an inflection point in your current position.

An inflection point is nothing more than a moment, an hour or a day in which to break the inertia. It is that instant when you stop feeling like an automaton that gets up every morning to repeat the same day over and over. Take a moment to think about the price you are selling your time for, which is the most valuable asset you own. 

The secret lies in your disposition: those jobs less similar to us make us become negative and the mind is the best tool to intervene on that perception and on the value judgment that we associate with it. In your bad days, remember these words: with a good frame of mind, we will be more productive. 

Whatever you do, do it with passion

This phrase, which has become so popular, expresses a free lifestyle: any job that alienates the person is a prison with invisible bars. Vice versa, having a passion for your work implies having goals to reach and being motivated for those that have yet to arrive.

"The pleasure that accompanies work makes us forget the fatigue"


Fatigue, tiredness, stress or boredom are factors that affect the most in people who seem to want to run away from work because they are unhappy. There is no doubt that he who feels pleasure does not run away, but follows the flow: he suffers a pressure that in reality he appreciates. On many occasions we don't have the ability to choose the job we want, but on other occasions we don't even bother to find out what we want.

There are jobs where you don't think about the time that is missing

Nobody likes to think of work as an obligation and, in fact, if we are passionate about what we do, we will not see it as such. It will represent an accumulation of responsibilities that give us a place in the world, the answer to the unknown of what makes us feel good, we will be grateful to those who gave us the opportunity to get there.

“Your work will fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what is good for you. It's the only way to do a good job is to love what you do "

-Steve Jobs-

Finding a job that we like not only enriches us, but also increases the chances that the result given by our commitment is of better quality. This is what happens with enthusiasm, which easily expands to results and thus becomes the best enhancement to our value.

Loving your work means eliminating its negative connotations and putting love and dedication into it: nurses, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, professors and social workers who smile when they help others. There are singers, actors and writers who cry and make us cry with their emotions. There are parents who find their personal fulfillment in work and family, at home or away from home, etc. It is about building your path by combining what you will encounter along the way with what you are capable of doing and contributing.

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