The best To-Do List apps of 2021

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In this article I have selected the best to-do list apps to accomplish your goals and to-dos in 2021. The applications have been selected based on the following attributes to help you make the best decision for your needs, both for work and life: availability, prices, design, features.

The perfect to-do list application is really hard to find. The apps don't differ as much as they once did, and many have similar features and capabilities that can help lighten your to-do list.

When it comes to actually completing our tasks, it is difficult to decide which activities to do first: we fall into the temptation to start with the easier things, tending to postpone the most difficult activities.

Of course, even the small tasks feel like Everest peaks at times, especially when you go through your entire to-do list

In this article I have listed the best to-do list apps, the most widespread and the most popular as these typically solve most of our tasks whether it is business or private life.

1 Todoist

Todoist is one of the most popular task management applications in the world. Over the past five years, I've seen her appear on the podium of hundreds of lists and thousands of times on social media, as one of the best ways to manage your homework. Todoist is constantly evolving: the incredible effort that the developers are making clearly emerges.

Available: iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Windows

Price: 36 € (pro plan)

Todoist is one of the best to-do list apps: it's available everywhere, reasonably priced, attractive and clean design, and a host of features that should make it your personal homework assistant. Todoist is what we call a traditional list management application, which allows you to organize things in a list view, but more recently added a layer called Boards - allowing you to organize tasks in a kanban-style methodology.

⚡️ Special features within Todoist:

Kanban Cards - which allows you to organize activities into cards

  • Custom sorting - create custom views - perfect for those using labels / priorities
  • Premium: Filters - ideal for seeing your own activity filter based on GTD methods
  • Premium: labels - to help narrow down your business list

If you're looking for an application based on David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) method, Todoist is for you.

Todoist provides a great way to manage tasks in a convenient inbox, project, or even by adding tags to each task (premium feature), and it puts it all together in a reasonable price. It's one of those apps that I typically recommend to those who want to organize their business (with one or two people) and also to people who have never tried a to-do list outside of Apple Reminders.

Powerful integrations: Gmail, Outlook, Chrome, Google Calendar, Microsoft Team and Trello.

I definitely put it in the first place and if you want to learn more about a quick ebook. Find it here.

2. Any.Do

Available: iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Windows (Premium) + Chrome Apps

Prices: € 36 for 12 months, prices vary according to discounts

Another of the best to-do list apps is Any.DO: it offers a very list-centric way to manage tasks with some shopping management capabilities connected with Amazon Alexa, and other apps like Gmail and WhatsApp.

Any.DO has the innovative function called "Moments": every day you can choose to receive a notification and thanks to artificial intelligence you can plan your day automatically.

⚡️ Special features within Any.DO:

  • Moments - quickly process your day's tasks with their helpful mini-tool
  • Assistant - complete small tasks using their AI assistant
  • Alexa - a convenient integration for dictating hands-free tasks

Any.Do has a friendly design that helps you manage your calendar, tasks and lists all in one.

3. Microsoft To Do

Available: iOS, Android, Web, Mac and Windows

Pricing: Free with Microsoft 365 packages

Microsoft To-Do is the option for managing tasks in the Microsoft ecosystem. People love this option for the Microsoft vibe and design of their service, as well as the ability to connect with other Microsoft 365 apps. It can't be missing from a respectable list with the best to-do list apps.

With themes, areas, groups and a clean way to manage “your day” - Microsoft To-Do comes with a healthy set of features that let you manage tasks alone or with friends.

⚡️ Special features within Microsoft To-Do:

  • Outlook Emails - report any emails in Outlook and create tasks from them
  • My Day Suggestions - "my day" helps to see the tasks assigned for today, but the suggestions help to bring more recommended tasks into your day
  • Important - highlights important tasks by marking them as the highest priority

Microsoft To-Do is a well-rounded task management application and with themes for each project and lists, you can perfectly manage you and your friends lists, and even your to-do list for the week ahead. . It's the perfect option if you use other Microsoft programs.

4. Tick Tick

Available: iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Windows (Premium) + Chrome Apps

Pricing: € 27 (premium annual plan)

Much like Todoist, TickTick is a do-it-all to-do list application. With a wide range of features, TickTick presents more options for users than Todoist, but still remains a close competitor of the application.

TickTick is a flexible to-do list application available on most devices for an acceptable price. It includes more features including kanban boards, personal habit tracking, progress tracking, and even the calendar view within the premium plan.

⚡️ Special features within TickTick:

  • Habit Tracking - a way to track your good and bad behaviors
  • Calendar (premium) - a hub to manage events + activities together
  • Progress bar - a small but popular feature for tracking the progress of activities

TickTick is another great all-rounder for task management, but I recommend it more for those who are keen to balance their calendar events with their tasks in one place. Calendar management is a really well balanced experience in TickTick, also allowing you to go to the weekly view and schedule.

Drawing up a list with the best to-do list apps is not exactly an easy exercise but it is essential if we want to focus on our personal and work goals.

As I said in the "Focus on the important things" article:

Spend less time on unimportant activities

Unimportant tasks have a bad tendency: they take longer than they should. Having strategies for making quicker decisions can help.

When you have an urgent decision to make, it may be better to make a quick decision than a perfect but more time-consuming decision. Priorities must be set for activities that will reduce the number of unimportant emergencies.

How to do it? Start outsourcing, automating, grouping small tasks, deleting tasks, streamlining workflow, or creating templates for recurring tasks.

That's what the best to-do list apps are for.

Which one do you use?

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